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Fought the Halloween Encounter today!
Rowan's Heart

I wondered deep into the dark depths of the Ballyboley forest on a moonless night, with only the wan radiance of a conjured ball of werelight to keep the shadows at bay.

The angry spirits of long-dead starcrossed lovers rose to bar my way.
Armed with a Ring of Resonation, I gathered Resonance, raised my Codex and began to Speak.

I opened with Karmic Debt, and withstood the spirits’ attacks. The ghosts flew through me and raked me with spectral claws, which hit me with Discord.

I managed to raise a Karmic Binding of Protection, and Bound the Lower Plane as well, buying me some respite from the onslaught.

With Voice and my Void Speaker training, I slowly began to turn my Discord to Harmony.

Channeling my Higher Self, I gathered enough Will and Resonance to conjure the Essence of Air and a Pillar of Earth, using those to conjure Resonating and Harmonizing Pylons.

With the Harmony I had acquired, I wove and Sealed Etheric Eternae, followed by Shaping a Cyclone, gaining Discord as I pierced the Ethereal Barrier in Rowan’s Heart, to strike at the apparitions.

My defenses fell to the spiritual attacks, but I was already committed. With Voice, Harmony and Resonance, I cast a Magick Missile, fully Ritualized, driving the spirits back.

The restless spirits tried to drive me to Discord, but the Harmonizing Pylon and the Resonating Pylon fed me enough energy to persevere.

Sensing their imminent demise, the spirits flew into a frenzy. I was struck by branches and furious winds, but merely suffered a few scratches, my Essence nearly intact.

Finally, the relentless power of the Etheric Eternae and the Cyclone I conjured dissolved the spirits back into the Ether.

The Pylons still hummed with energy, as I Dismissed the Eternae and the conjured gases. Through sheer Will, I restored the small portion of my depleted Essence.

I crossed the rest of the woods shrouded in Resonance, and in Harmony with the Weave around me.

Ezhow u’tyagay.

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I was asked to remove the art used on the previous version of this Encounter, as it was commissioned by someone else. I put a stock photo instead. I'll try to find some new (free) art.

I changed the draw bag rules for this one, just a bit. Again, this is an attempt at replicating a human player. If anyone uses it, let me know how it goes. Thanks!
Okay, second attempt at a Serpent's Tongue encounter. I changed the draw bar reset rules, and removed the previously used art by request, as it had been commissioned for an RPG project. Couldn't edit the photo online, so had to delete original post.

Here's the new version, with some stock art. I'll try to get some nicer art for it. Maybe +Greg Krywusha will do something with this (hint, hint, nudge nudge) :D

Again, this is me trying to design the closest thing to battling another player using the Encounter rules. Let me know if I should change or clarify anything. Thanks!

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Last of the Official Encounters! (I wish there were more of these. I love how they work.)
Arcane Devourer

A creature distilled from nightmares by the mysterious Magi known as the Keeper… and sometimes the Dreamcrafter, possibly to safeguard the Keeper’s secrets from other Magi who would still them.

A foul thing which feeds on the Resonance of your Codex, destroying your Incantations in the process.

This being, like the Abomination of Merovech, should be destroyed swiftly, before it eats enough energy from your soul to devour you from reality.

As soon as I became aware of its presence, I began to gather Resonance from the Weave. The presence of the Devourer seems to have created ripples in the Weave, as I was struck by a wave of Resonance Overload. Momentarily staggered by Discord, I felt the Devourer’s Touch of Forgetting siphoning some of my Inscriptions.

I gathered my Will and began a strong assault. A fully ritualized Magick Missile hit the creature hard, but fed it Resonance as well. I followed with a more indirect attack, by casting Karmic Debt.

The creature struck back with an Arcane Storm, seeking to Disrupt my Focus, but fortunately, I was not currently directly Focused on any specific spell.

I Channeled my Higher Self, increasing my stores of Resonance, Will and Harmony. I stood strong in the face of the Devourer’s hunger. More Incantations fed the being.

I quickly wove a Karmic Binding of Protection, followed by an Etheric Eternae, beginning my sustained attack.

A second Resonance Overload jarred my senses, and fed the Devourer. With this great reserve of power, the Devourer attempted to Devour my Reality, but was unable to obliterate me.

Frantically, I summoned Xenon gas to shape into a large cyclone, which I immediately Willed into being. The Devourer’s attacks were held back by the Binding of Protection. I felt myself beginning to move in Harmony with the Weave.

I cast Judgement on the Devourer. Now four sustained spells struck the Devourer. Between the karmic Judgement, the ravaging cyclonic winds and the Etheric flames of the Eternae, the Devourer was destroyed.

Once more, I survived intact in mind and body, in Harmony with the Weave. Though I had no Resonance at hand, I had enough Will left in me to cast a few more spells. I had planned to summon more Xenon Gas and conjure some Acidic Matter to finish the Arcane Devourer, but there was no need.

(I either got lucky with this Encounter, or I don’t really understand how the Arcane Devourer’s powers work. Still, it was a short and tense Encounter.)

Next up, He Who Walks Through Doors… the Pooka!
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My trials continue! Tonight, the Abomination of Merovech!
The Abomination of Merovech

The name falls short of describing the horror that is the failed attempt of one of the Antagonists to achieve apotheosis. A mindless monstrosity. A shapeless mass of spikes, tentacles, eyes and claws wreathed in noxious fumes, locked in cycle of constant death and rebirth. The creature is immune to the curses of the Etheric Planes and resistant to all but the most potent of magicks.

Almost impossible to kill, and yet… bound to the patterns of the weave. Susceptible to Discord.

To my horror, I faced this… thing… alone. No other Speakers to help me. No Nam’Shubs, which are the only sure way to destroy the Abomination, at hand.

Would my Codex suffice? Had I prepared suitable Incantations? I have only changed my Attuned Incantations once: after that first battle against a Lesser Sentient Shadow, which proved so hard. This Codex served fine against a second Lesser Shadow, and against Cy Passley, but now? I wasn’t so sure.

The battle was fierce. I knew my only chance lay in attacking the creature early, before it had a chance to grow and overwhelm me. Even before I could raise a proper defense, the thing bit at me and doubled its mass.

I hurried to summon the Essence of Air and weave the Materia Binding of Mal-kuth. The shield barely held up. I Channeled my Higher Self… the height of my Art… With Voice and hand, with Will and Harmony, I wove my Incantations. I smote the Abomination with a fully ritualized Magic Missile.

The rest is a blur… I know I struck the thing repeatedly with a great cyclone of air, and waves of acidic matter. I kept a constant assault, to prevent it from growing and causing more damage.

I wove a second Materia Binding when the first fell, though it soon lay ruined as well.

I summoned Essence of Air, Xenon gas, Pillars of Earth, and Cold Hard Iron again and again.

The relentless attacks kept the thing from growing, but could not slay it. I Re-attuned and Channeled my Higher Self a second time.

When my first attacks faltered, I wove and Sealed an Etheric Eternae upon the thing, renewing my assault by searing the monstrosity with Etheric fire.
The key to the Abomination’s defeat lay in a fairly simple charm to Absorb Weave. I slowly siphoned the being’s Harmony, reattuning and reweaving the Incantation again and again, taking advantage of my Harmony it fed my to cast it freely.

A Resonating Pillar helped keep the Resonance flowing to power my spells, and my Voice replenished my Will.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, my attacks drove the thing to Discord, and the Weave finally rejected the Abomination and erased it out of the Pattern.

I stood there, bleeding, but alive. Zadev. Wave. The word to Shaping a Terra Tsunami on my lips, but there was no need. The thing would trouble me no more.

It took fourteen different Incantations, cast multiple times to effect the Abomination’s demise.

But I live.

Net'nelotha u'auzhob.

My power grows.
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Hey! Some images of my upgraded components as I re-learn the game and start playing some encounters
Having nearly died once facing a Lesser Sentient Shadow, the Void Speaker magi decided to brush up on his Sehimu Thinara. After a couple of days, it was simply a matter of re-organizing his Codex with higher fluency Incantations and selecting more appropriate spells.

Alternating the use of Soul and Matter spells worked great. In particular, Universum Negation served well to Dispel the creature's most powerful spell, attack. A Karmic Debt curse powered a Karmic Binding of Protection which helped fight off most of the creature's attacks. Sever Source placed an Injunction on it, preventing it from replenishing it's Resonance, while a combined assault of Etheric Eternae (Fluency 3), Shape Cyclone spell (Fluency 4) and a ritualized, fluency 3 Acidic Matter spell (upgraded to Area effect via a Xenon Gas component) made short work of the thing.

A Resonating Pylon spell, a Fluency 4 Channel Higher Self spell and the various Void Speaker specialization abilities ensured that I finished the conflict with no Discord (in fact, 1 Harmony) as well as plenty of Resonance. My Essence was intact at it's starting value of 12. I am loving the new Voice energy, and it's mutliple uses.

+Bobby Allen Thanks for the upgraded Focus Gem you sent me a couple of years ago!

Tomorrow, I'll try my luck against a renegade Master Magi: Cy Passley!
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Fighting Cy Passley!
I faced Master Magi Cy Passley today... He went down in flames without harming me. I guess I can claim the title of Master Magi myself! ;)

His downfall was that all his actions are classified as Quantum Spells. This made him susceptible to Mute Reversion... a Silence curse! It was a race to Dispel his attacks with Universum Negation , deplete his Rifts, so that he could not avoid my curses.

Voice was again the deciding factor, I think. Successfully performing the incantations allowed me to upgrade my Specializations, so I was casting Universum Negation dispels as free actions generating Resonance with each cast and and Re-Attuning them at a cheap price.

Once I hit Passley with Mute Reversion, I shored up my defenses with Karmic Binding of Protecton, increased my resources with a Fluency 4 Channer Higher Self and Resonating and Harmonizing Pylons. Void Speaker specialization also resulted in the Karmic Binding of Protection generating Harmony on each Maintenance phase.

Once I hit critical mass with those Enhancements, I unleashed a barrage of attacks, including Re-attuning Mute Reversion and re-casting it when it's duration ran out.

The combined onslaught ofAcidic Matter (fl 1), Shape Cyclone (fl 4), followed by Acidic Matter (fluency 3) and a final fully Ritualized Magic Missile took Passley out.

I still had plenty of Voice, Harmony, and some Resonance. My Essence was intact.

I particularly love the fact that my specialization is with spells of the Soul sphere, and many of my spells certainly are of that sphere, but my Codex and approach includes a lot of Matter spells, as well as a few choice Mind and Forces spells.

The automated encounter mechanics are quite elegant. Too bad for Passley that I could block his spells.

Ezhow an'Cy Passley meh'ogyot. Ezhow an'metazhari bonaw u'abu!

#Serpent'sTongue #BecomeMagi
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So it's been forever since I backed this game, and I've yet to actually play. Would love to find the best, most current rules/tutorial/videos (particularly for solo/campaign) and don't know where to start.

I've had a couple people contact me on BGG looking to buy my ST copy from me, but I'm hoping to find a reason to hang onto it, as I was incredibly psyched to receive this at one point and the production values are great. I may even have an additional player at some point.

Thanks, and sorry for asking a question I'm sure has been asked endless times before on this community. Feel free to just drop a link if it's not a bother.

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If this turns out to be a Forces Magi, we may have to disown this one. 
+Serpent's Tongue 

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Nice bit of artwork for Mind Sphere. +Greg Krywusha 
Mazes weren't created for having fun. They were meant to help us achieve peace of mind.
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