Taking it day by day and trusting and totally depending upon Gods word n providence to lead me where I need be

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i found out by experience death truely has no hold on me i survived the colma and the braindead situation with victory in Jesus Christ and im greatful to come out still alive and fully functional Hallilujah

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this is so true for me please recieve this message

Good afternoon G+
Let's just keep it real by saying our God is so good we just can't tell it all but when we start feeling like fire shut up in our bones we better not quench the Spirit of God and be willing to tell somebody how good he's been to us, knowing and believing that we are overcomes by the blood of Jesus Christ and the word of our testimonies 1luv to you all and God bless and become the Bible that some people will ever get to read by being a living example for God in this life....much blessing to you all in rhamer formο»Ώ

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Time to get to the heart of our problems my brothers and sisters so let's just open up and stop being in denial about our weaknesses because in truth their only becoming more and more dominant against us than benefiting us the way God plans to bless us ultimatelyο»Ώ
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