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                                 APPLICATION LETTER

                                                           1.  All People of United States.
                                                           2.  President of United States.
                                                           3.  Supreme Court of United States
                                                           4.  Congress of United States
                                                           5.  All Governor of United States.

Exchange/switch my achievements/honor with the terms of the president candidate.

With respect,
my soul is on fire, my heart can be turbulent for the United States president candidate.  My hand want to make two islands in the world to be silent forever.  But if that is not enough or is not permitted or make America be embarrassed.

I was not born naturally in US, and I can not continuously lived for 14 years in the US until 2024.  Do not make my soul on fire and my heart is not quiet forever.  Let us make the rule change, and it still has a strong foundation without changing the constitution of the United States about requirements become US Presidential Candidate.  And also the exchange agreement is most very favorable for United States!

I ask / offer terms exchange:
1.  My Greatest World Champion with exclude my natural born.
2.  My Eternal World Champion with exclude 14 years continuously lived.
3.  All reputations and achievements and my name belong to the United States exclude 2 degree because US not like only like Deutschland.

Considering this, and when the request is made then automatically I have become a citizen of the United States.  And when I arrived later i the United States in the tomorrow or anytime everywhere, I have no problem with American citizenship document.

Do not think myself is ambitious, whether with my achievements, am i ambitious?

"Most best bullets are always kept"
                                                                          Google, May 22, 2016
                                                                         MARKUS AMERICAEUZ

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Welcome, a place for you and me to know about US President Candidates.
Support me, you and your candidates, let's go to US Presidential Election!

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Thank you
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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