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Now that is a game face. Playing Codenames at +PhreakNIC earlier tonight in Murfreesboro -- c'mon down and check out the game room!

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The holidays are coming, including Nashville's own family friendly Thanksgaming feast and the annual for-adults Halloween game day! Load up on gifts: Tons of Ravensburger games on sale at Amazon, plus Loopin' Chewie and Sons of Anarchy Men of Mayhem are both at or under $12! (h/t to +Ben Gerber)

Ravensburger strategy:
Ravensburger family:
Sons of Anarchy:
Loopin' Chewie:
Above and Below:

Also, we need an organizer for this year's Christmas game exchange, as Michael has moved to Georgia. It would be really cool if we could have it span and unite several of the local board game groups. (Plus it drove some sales for +Roll The Dice and other local stores) Any volunteers?

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Is anyone interested in playtesting this one? I'd like to do the TOS if we get a group together.

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Hey all! Just wanted to share info about Extra Gaming for Extra life -- this October 15th!

This is the 3rd event and will again feature a day packed with board gaming and charity fundraising for a good cause – the Children’s Miracle Network. We will gather at the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Medical Center from 9 am to 11 pm.

We will have a large chunk of the TGD library on hand – or bring some games you want to get to the table.

There will also be a number of incentives for raising money, but to get in the door, all you need to do is register to be part of our team at the Extra Life website. More info will be coming soon about the event, but wanted to remind you all about it so that you can save the date!

One highlight of tonight's Pugmire game: A character head-butting a shark trying to use Puppy Dog Eyes and screaming "Why won't you love me?"

We won't discuss where the Weasels went.

This is what you have wrought, +Eddy Webb. And it is a Good Dog.

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After months of missing the start window, or completely being unable to play due to work, I finally had time and a group, and played +Modiphius's Thunderbirds. It's a fantastic collaborative game with excellent production values (I played the Kickstarter with expansions). It can not be stressed enough: if you like Pandemic, you should give this a chance at your table. The play is similar in overt ways, but it has a Firefly like set of varied missions, all presented in parallel, with some becoming increasingly urgent as game play progresses.

It does suffer from Pandemic's potential pitfall of "a single player playing all the moves" when only one person knows how to play, but I think it becomes far more of a collaborative game than Pandemic when the table all knows how to play. There's a less clear "best set of actions" due to multiple missions that need to be dealt with, plus a dice roll that is affected heavily by optional conditions. As a result, you can press your luck or play carefully and have far less chance as a factor. That variety in targets and winning tactics leads to more options when your turn comes up than Pandemic.

Practical Observations:

The map markers and first player tokens are fine, but experienced/dedicated gamers can ignore them. They are for people whose attention wavers through the play (which is nice).

The game as a whole is swingy, as you can deal out easy missions and schemes, or very hard missions and schemes. I like that, as it makes each game more unique... but makes a single play less representative of the difficulty level.

It is stupidly fun to load people and equipment into the holes and cargo areas of the various ships. Manufacturing at the cutthroat level of boardgames has finally made peg/holes that work.

True collaborative play this is: setting up other people to succeed and having them set you up seemed to works best. Disclaimer: it was a first time play, but with two experienced players and +Brennan W as another first time player. Player count and experience may change that view.

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The always energetic game evangelist +David Lowry shared photos from his experience on our own world famous WSM this morning. This right after he was in Indianapolis (along with many other Nashvillians) at GenCon -- the man is tireless!
Nashville Today Radio Show
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I just watched a Periscope on this game and the Kickstarter goes live on Wednesday. I'm going to back it! This is going to be cool to play!
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