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So, how do you feel when sometimes you tell yourself that you may never become bilingual?

Theories that bilingualism cannot be reached exist, you know?

Albert Camus tells us: “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

Becoming bilingual is like that too.

It’s not about a teacher leading you, or you following.

It’s about communication and friendship, connecting with people and, with practice, speaking their language in every sense of the word.

Check out the article below for more insight into the odds of you becoming bilingual, and watch the video for some French worth waiting for!

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So, do you need help with your French conversation?

Is it surprising to you that learning the language may prevent you from speaking the language?

Is that even possible?

There are many things that don’t make logical sense, yet us, humans, need to know a little more about how our brain works, to properly use it and use it at its max.

Even people who have a large vocabulary and know grammar well, yet they didn’t quite have the opportunity to speak the language, the more they wait, the more their confidence shrinks.

There is a very interesting thing happening for most: no matter how much they wish to speak, they stop trying.

Luckily there is a solution.

Read the article below to discover the 3 simple steps you can take to avoid this block, and watch the video for some French worth trying.

(This week: verb ESSAYER – to try)

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So, are the French genders hard for you?

Do you always guess, and most of the times you don’t get it right?

Genders seem to be a very popular topic among francophiles.

In English, nouns don’t have genders, so it may be difficult to adjust to the French way.

However, if you think that German and Latin have 3 genders, you may feel a little better.

Here is my video answer to the number one concern of one of the members of my conversation Facebook group: “My number one frustration while learning French is how every noun has a gender. How can one remember the gender of every noun. It is something very difficult for me.”

Read this article and watch the video to unveil the mystery around the French genders, and never doubt your choices in your conversations with the natives.

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So have you ever heard of scary tongue twisters?

I know they usually confuse and maybe frustrate, but can they invoke fear?

Only the best ones can arouse more than just one emotion!

Want to have a flawless pronunciation so that you are mistaken for a native and be easily understood by French speakers all over the world?

Check out the article below for some excellent tongue twisters to practice your pronunciation with, and watch the video for some French you should have no fear of!

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Become a French Speaker, rather than a French Learner

“Language is a performing art that requires practice, nuance, and personality to convey an idea. Those who master communication master their world.” ~ Michael Schutzler, Forbes

Don't learn Parisian French. Practice it!

Are you tired of trying every method and App, hoping to finally become a French language speaker, only to find that every time you're starting all over again?

French as a second language is a performing art, like Mr. Schutzler says, you use someone else's words and express yourself through them - much like a performer. We can't learn a foreign language the same way we learn everything else.

Let me show you how, using surprising performing techniques that help enhancing memorization, we do it at j'Ouellette®.

Here Is Why This Site Could Be Your Last Stop

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So has anyone ever told you to “stop and smell the flowers”?

In our fast-paced world, so many wonderful things can pass us by, simply because they may be unknown to us and, in haste, we may not even notice them!

Many of these lovely unknowns exist in Paris too!

Check out the article to find out more about the unknown Paris and watch the video for some French that won’t pass you by!

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