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The Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) has launched a new website portal of invaluable resources. Check out the new research and best practices page, professional learning opportunities, planning, and implementation resources, digital leadership resources, blended learning programming options, webinars with leading experts, WI school profile exemplars, and more. Sign up on the WDLC webpage to receive ongoing updates

Our WDLC partners (eSchool Network and CESA 9 WVS), in partnership with our DPI Digital Learning team, continue to evolve high-quality programming and resource options available to all Wisconsin schools.

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New released Blended Learning information from our Future Ready Partners as this relates to our future work on the Space, Time, and Place Gear. This also connects to our continued work on the DPI Online and Blended resource guide that helpd districts align policy, funding, practice, and research. ESSA IVA funds are eligible to spend in the areas of blended learning options for students.
We excited to share the our newly released guidebook, Blending Teaching and Technology: Simple Strategies for Improved Student Learning, which offers school district leaders a collection of strategies aligned to the Future Ready Schools® framework for implementing an instructional approach supported by blended learning.

The guidebook demystifies the definition of blended learning while explaining its various research-based structural models. Read how Lindsay Unified School District in California uses blended learning to support its performance-based system of progression, an approach in which students move through instructional content at their own pace, advancing only once they have mastered all the standards from the previous content level.

You can download the guidebook and watch a video featuring LUSD here:

I have a question for those of you that have looked. In your 1 to 1 program I am trying to determine how much of the student's day is spent using their CB. In 2nd and 3rd grade, what is the average time/day are your students using their CB? How about 7th-8th grade and 9th-10th and 11th-12th grade?

How did you measure this? I will post the answers I find in a graph in a couple of weeks.

Thank you!

Does anyone have a survey or questionnaire regarding the effectiveness or of your 1:1 computer program or your technology program in general or a survey about learning management systems?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a Chromebook app or extension that allows students with no Internet at home to save webpages for offline viewing? Thanks

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Wednesday, August 10th Special K-12 Special Interest Group (SIG) at the annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference

The DPI Division for Libraries and Technology is partnering with the UW Madison and Division of Continuing Studies to offer this one-day special conference pass ($195) for K-12 educator/administrator teams. This conference is connected to the refreshed WI Digital Learning plan and Future Ready focus areas for 2016-2017: digital leadership capacity building, high quality digital content/open ed resources, research-based practices and personalized digital learning options for students.

This K-12 Special Interest Group (SIG) track will offer exclusive seminar time with top national leaders (Richard Culatta and Nicole Allen), networking time with other K-12 leaders/DPI leaders, conference keynotes and access to the vendor/technology tool fair. K-12 participants will also have the option to purchase additional pre-conference sessions or the entire conference at a reduced cost ($395) once you enter the special registration page.

This is a great opportunity for district technology (CIO/CTO) and curriculum leaders (CAO-Chief Academic Officers) to bring a district team working on strategic digital/online/blended learning program design, implementation and resource options.

Special K-12 Registration Site (first time user registration required)--Register soon to reserve your spot

PDF of registration site to see options for K-12 Special SIG day, additional pre-conference or full conference special pricing

Full Distance Learning & Teacher Conference August 9-11 site-- check out the amazing topics and session line up

For those of you running a 1:1 program which sends devices home, how do you handle families that don't have Internet at home? How about your free and reduced families? Thanks

Is anyone out there running a 1:1 program with Chromebooks using GoGuardian? How do you like it? Any cons? Does it integrate somehow with the management console? Thanks

We're planning on going 1:1 with Chromebooks next year but I was hoping someone could help us with a question. We'd like our high school students, 9-12, to use the same device for the four years but we're concerned about battery life in the last year. Does anyone that's been running a 1:1 Chromebook program for 4 or more years have any information on this? Thank you in advance.

Here's a crazy question: Is there anyone out there that is running a 1:1 with Windows machines? I'd like to hear your thoughts/opinions. We are currently 1:1 using Macs.
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