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New v. 3.2.1 b1140

★ improved icon packs support
★ improved german translation
★ bugfixing

★ batch disable apps (root required)
★ night mode colors fix
★ shortcuts for additional entry points
★ folders corner size
★ handlers locked notification can be disabled
★ custom fg color shade

Can you make it possible to move the favorites bar to the bottom?

Any thought into making TABS in app drawer a possibility ??? Id never use another app drawer ever again if they were added somehow

I've just installed JINA because I hate the circular folder icons in Oreo on my Pixel 2. But quickly realizing JINA is fantastic and has many other uses - so thank you! Now some newbie Qs that I cannot find solutions too:
1) How can the little JINA icon that is overlaid onto folder shortcut icons placed on my home screen be removed?
2) How can the "Home folder" shortcut on my home screen, created by the "JINA Drawer - JINA Folders" widget, be renamed? (it gets truncated to "Home f.." anyhow!)
3) Is it possible to open the JINA Drawer by swiping up on the caret ("^") on the home screen of the Pixel 2 / Oreo? By default this opens the normal Android app drawer.
4) How to donate? :-)

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New v. 3.2.1 b1128

★ new option to hide the status bar (drawer/sidebar/folders)
★ new shortcuts to open the Drawer and the Sidebar in search mode
★ improved folders frame management
★ fixed folders label size portrait/landscape
★ improved background images management (drawer/sidebar/folders)
★ UI improvements
★ improved chinese translation
★ bugfixing

New v. 3.2.1 b1122

★ new JINA shortcuts to start the Drawer and the Sidebar in search mode
★ UI improvements
★ new option to hide the status bar (sidebar/folders)
★ improved chinese translation
★ bugfixing

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JINA 3.2.0ga is available on Google Play

Would it be possible to have an option to hide the status bar when using sidebar?

New RC 3.2.0 b1120

★ improved performances
★ improved chinese translation
★ bugfixing

most likely 🤫 this will become the GA version very soon!
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