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World Association cryptocurrency supporters launched a project to maintain cryptocurrency MintCoin MINT own currency holders.
This is a very interesting project profitable.
Everyone who uses cryptocurrency agreed to buy any number of MintCoin, thereby to raise the exchange rate.
If you buy today MintCoin in the amount of $ 10, within 30 days, it will cost $ 100.
Buy MintCoin can:
or on other exchanges
Send this message to all who deal with cryptocurrency to as many people as possible could to earn some money

Mintcoin is excited to have completed our new IRC chat ‪#‎MintcoinOfficial‬. I would like to personally invite everyone here - to join for free mint, development news and more smile emoticon

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Upgrading your wallet after the hard fork set yesterday:

1st - back up your wallet :)

Download version from (Download Wallets) 

After you download it go to your windows icon  and search %appdata% in the search box

This will bring up a folder - Look for Mintcoin and open it. 

Save your wallet.dat file and delete everything else. 

Go back to mintcoin official and download bootstrap (under download wallet)

Once this file is saved to your computer extract it and place the contents inside the mintcoin folder into the %appdata% / Mintcoin folder

Once you have done that place your wallet.dat back into the folder (you backed this up) and open the new Mintcoin wallet on your desktop

With the bootstrap assistance it should finish syncing in a matter of a few hours. 

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#Mintcoin Version 2.0 is now ready for release on Windows Make sure you upgrade your wallets before the 1st of Aug

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Mintcoin Hardfork Set for Sat, 01 Aug 2015 16:00:00 GMT

Mintcoin is preparing a new wallet which will require a hardfork in efforts of improving our communities security as we grow.
We will also be releasing a few interface changes including: Password required for sending mintcoins when activated Import or new wallet options when installing Repair wallet option under help (for those who are not familiar with commands)
Our new Developer SupaSonic is also looking into ways to improve the wallets sync timing.
I am coding in the fork as we speak. I have set it for: Code: static const unsigned int FORK_TIME = 1438444800; // Sat, 01 Aug 2015 16:00:00 GMT
This is a time and date when I will be available to provide some QR code if needed (quick response Tongue )
Watch today if you want to watch the fork commits. It will be merged with the main mintcoin repo after proper scrutiny.

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#Mintcoin Fund is now officially in the process of registering as a non-profit incorporation here in Wisconsin USA
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