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Name:Diana Selena Jasmine Perez

Nicknames:hope or D



Likes:Music and Chokers, Space

Hates: my school,the dark.

Bio:I grew up without my mom and dad. And my aunt and grandma took care of me they never told me the reason why I can't see my parents the keep telling me there bad parents so built a necklace that let's me travel to time to time

What object your using: a necklace

Favorite time line:The 80`s and 70's

time riders
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Hewo peoples I can see this community is dead :D

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Name: Nicole Von Rosewald

Nickname: Nico, Rose

Age: 28

Crush: none

Likes dance, drink beer, roses, get to know new people, wear fake cat ears, sing and black clothes

Dislike: being called slut, that someone messes with one of her friends or her bar, injustice and long dresses

Type: owner of a bar called "black rose"

Bio: when she was a little girl, her mother died, her father worked on a bar, he always takes her there, and she really liked to go, for her, hers father bar was like a fun place (of course, except when there was no fights) , 10 years later her father get really sick and died, so she turned into the bar's new owner

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Name: Nymph Tokawa

Nickname: NyTo

Age: 21

Crush: none

Likes: astronomy, pastel colors, foxes, tea, gemstones, and electronic music

Dislike: dark colors, perverts, and contamination

Bio: she's from a family of scientist that dedicates to travel on time, her mother in from Britain and her father from Japan, when she turn into 19 years old, her father gave her a silver watch, that watch was a time machine, from that day, she started to help her dad in his experiments of time travel

What type of time machine you are using? Silver watch

Favorite period of Time: British times and the 70s 

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Name: Iowa Pearl
Nickname: Big I
Age: 16
Crush: Chat Noir ((I know hes from another series)
Likes: cats, dogs, ships, swimming
Dislike: war, insults, perverts
Bio: WWII Battleship reincarnated as a teenage girl from the united states.
What type of time machine you are using?: Vortex Manipulator built into weapons rig
Favorite period of Time: WWII (not the war part, the dress styles of the period
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Name: Rin Kennedy

Nickname:jack ass


Crush: none

Likes:killing,fighting,fancy cars



Bio: Rin's 10th cousin

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Nickname:me.nice guy





Bio: Unknown

What type of time machine you are using? :car

Favorite period of Time:WW2
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Name:Kennedy mcfarm

Nickname: cowboy blondie



Likes:gold,farming,and adventure



Bio:Rin's 67th uncle 
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thank you for the invitation
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