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Lady Rhe-Ann Carlisle walked down the street remaining as close to the shadows as she could possibly be. I could sense you behind me, following me. I know not why, but I couldn't risk anything. I took a sharp turn down an alleyway, then when you came following, I pushed you against the wall and held a knife to your neck.

"Why are you following me?", I calmly asked.

You said...

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(British Time Profile)
Name: Lady Rhe-Ann Carlisle
Age: 17
Crush: The chief of police. Young, brave, and handsome. Fun to fight him.
Likes: Solid Chocolate, Bicycle Riding, Stealing, and Writing.
Dislikes: Running, Balls, Suitors, and Make-up.
Type: Criminal. _A con-woman, a thief, Bank robber, and grifter.
Bio: Her father had run a famous CEO which had helped make cars. She grew up spoiled and rich. But her father, seeing where he had gone wrong, kicked her to the streets. She learned to survive and steal as needed...and wanted.

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(Present Time Profile)
Name: Rhea Portello
Nickname: Ray
Age: 19
Crush: N/A
Likes: MMA, Winning, Black, Red, Night time, Guns, Cars, Dresses, Overalls, Knee-high socks, Skirts, Shorts, Horror, Gore, Metal, and Soccer.
Dislikes: Pink, Romance, Orange, Volleyball, and girly girls.
Bio: She grew up in a normal, loving, and religious house. During high school, she had run in with a bad crowd and they started bullying and beating her every day. She got fed up, adrenaline rushed, and one day beat them harder than they ever did to her. She became leader of a gang known as 'Jaw Breakers'.
Time Machine Device: Her Android Phone. She uses an app called: 'Rewind Forward.'
Favorite Period of Time: The Wild West. She loves killing people ruthlessly while staying self-righteous.

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(Wild West Profile)
Name: Ray Justice
Nickname: Death
Age: 23
Crush: The villainous leader of an evil group she always happens to fight against. He's so bad.
Likes: Guns, Indians, Saloon drinking, and Saloon get-togethers.
Dislikes: The town doctor. He's kind of a smart-butt.
Type: Cowgirl Vigilante
Bio: She grew up as the daughter of the leader of the villainous group she fights today. She knew just as well the pain her father caused, and when it was her turn to rule, she ran away. Now her childhood best friend runs it.

Hewo peoples I can see this community is dead :D

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Name: Nicole Von Rosewald

Nickname: Nico, Rose

Age: 28

Crush: none

Likes dance, drink beer, roses, get to know new people, wear fake cat ears, sing and black clothes

Dislike: being called slut, that someone messes with one of her friends or her bar, injustice and long dresses

Type: owner of a bar called "black rose"

Bio: when she was a little girl, her mother died, her father worked on a bar, he always takes her there, and she really liked to go, for her, hers father bar was like a fun place (of course, except when there was no fights) , 10 years later her father get really sick and died, so she turned into the bar's new owner

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Name: Nymph Tokawa

Nickname: NyTo

Age: 21

Crush: none

Likes: astronomy, pastel colors, foxes, tea, gemstones, and electronic music

Dislike: dark colors, perverts, and contamination

Bio: she's from a family of scientist that dedicates to travel on time, her mother in from Britain and her father from Japan, when she turn into 19 years old, her father gave her a silver watch, that watch was a time machine, from that day, she started to help her dad in his experiments of time travel

What type of time machine you are using? Silver watch

Favorite period of Time: British times and the 70s

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Name: Iowa Pearl
Nickname: Big I
Age: 16
Crush: Chat Noir ((I know hes from another series)
Likes: cats, dogs, ships, swimming
Dislike: war, insults, perverts
Bio: WWII Battleship reincarnated as a teenage girl from the united states.
What type of time machine you are using?: Vortex Manipulator built into weapons rig
Favorite period of Time: WWII (not the war part, the dress styles of the period
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