+Zero Jones​

Arashi is listening to music and you don't recognise her. She is new. You....

((RP open to others as well))

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Name: Zero Fukami Jones
Age: 17
Likes: Rock, Techno/Electronic, Anime Soundtrax, Rap, Transformers, Anime, Comics, VideoGames, Movies and Pizza
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Name: Arashi Kuro Kurta
Age: 14
Fav subjects: English, Drama, Chemistry, Music and Art
Likes: her brother, Music, Drama, fighting
Dislikes: the Phantom Troupe and pointless stuff
Fav music: 21 Pilots, Ellie Goulding and Anime music

Name: Kurapika
Age: 17
Fav subjects: none really, likes Music, PE and Chemistry
Likes: his sister, fighting and music
Dislikes: The Phantom Troupe, pointless stuff and school
Fav music: 21 pilots and Anime music

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+Mlp Musical Art​ can join if u want


Kurapika: geez... Why do we have to keep following the troupe to these different dimensions.....

Arashi: just be glad I never run out of my arrows. Especially the Nen ones.

You spot them chatting. You don't recognise them. You want to see what's going on. Then you sense something strange about them. Their eyes are a deep red. You..

Name: Pinkie Chan

Age: 10

Favorite things/subjects: Subjects: English subject, Spanish course and Science / Things: Sing, Dance, Write a novel and Draw.

History: I was born in Perú, I live with my parents, But suddenly my Mother's passed away and I was alone with my Grandmother and my father, When I was little child I was so Shy but now I'm Brave and I meet some new friends at School, I was so good at english and spanish because my grandfather was born in Spain and my Aunt was born in United States, I like to draw because I'm so creative, I love my life and my friends.

Favorite music: Pop Music, Pop Alternative Music and ElectroPop Music. (All of then because I don't like Reggaeton)

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