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Welcome fellow demigod! Huh? What's a demigod?! Well that is what you are! It's simple, your part god and part human. You came here for a reason, you see when your 13 you start to release a scent to monsters, which makes you very easy to find. Most likely you were found and taken here by a satyr or a demigod. Anyways here are some RULES you MUST follow!  


1. No Spamming! It's just a waste of space and time, people don't like people who spam!  

2. No Swearing! Yes that's right, NO swearing. There might be some younger roleplayers and we don't won't little kids swearing every time. Although you might be able to put PG-13 to swear a little!  

3. No OP characters! You can't have an Over Powered character running around camp saying they can kill gods or become one. That also means you can't be a child of two gods. Only one. It's stupid and retarded. Don't do it.  

4. No OC characters! This means no Leo, Jason, Piper, Percy, Frank, and so on... They belong to Rick Riordan, not you!  

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY! NO TEXT TALK AND NO ONE SENTENCED ROLEPLAYS!!!!!! That is very annoying and idiotic. Come on! Don't be lazy add some detail and use your brain! That's why use humans have them! Same thing goes with characters. ADD DETAIL.  



Birthday/Birth Date: (Optional)
Godly Parent:
Human Parent: (Optional) 
Relatives: (Optional)
Hair Color:
Skin Color:
Eye Color:
Clothing Style: (Optional)
Weapon(s): (No more then 2) 
Powers: (Nothing OP)
Pet(s): (Optional)


Primordial's are aloud but no personifications as godly parents! However keep in mind that Kronos and Gaia and Uranus and other powerful primordial's are not aloud! Also Roman gods are not aloud, go to a Camp Jupiter if you want a Roman demigod.

Please be detailed!


I know this isn't enough but there will be more! So please follow the rules and template for your character.

Name: Quindarius Jones
Age: 17
Birthday/Birth Date: 1/6/1999
Godly Parent: Hades
Human Parent: (Optional)
Relatives: (Optional)
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Clothing Style: (Optional)
Weapon(s): Stygian Iron Sword, Stygian Iron Bow and Arrows, Stygian Iron Kinfes, Stygian Iron Axe
Powers: Quin can sense death and he can raise little skeleton animals. He can also make huge gems appear,Shadow travel, and Control the mist
Pet(s): (Optional)


Hi I would like to join but I can't copy and paste the template...

Name: Arthur Blood

Age: 13

Nickname: Blood

Gender: Male

Godly parent: Ares

Description: 20 percent of the body is scars very athletic and doesn't take people lightly always ready to fight and very handsome


Personality: Independent and stuck in the past

Bio: Born in war mother died in Afghanistan fighting a war when he was three orphaned as a child for 2 years and adopted into a family that made him work for and when he didn't work he was tortured then 2 years later ran away with a Satyr named Cristian.

Powers: Can create any weapon out of thin air and can raise an army of the dead

Likes: Weapons

Dislikes: Minotores other beasts

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gray

Skin: White

Weapons: Any and all.

Flaw: what he hides in His past

Weakness: him without his weapon

Other: has ADHD.

NAME: Kendall Drews

AGE: 14

NICKNAME: Don't have one

GENDER: Female



PERSONALITY: Clever, smart, sassy, sarcastic, outgoing, funny, tomboy, brave, adventurous, friendly, can be tough or softhearted depending on the situation, and she's awesome B-)

BIO: When she was 10, she ran away from home, since her mother had gotten arrested for shoplifting. Kendall survived on her own for 2 years until, at age 12, she meet her satyr who took her to Camp Half Blood. She was claimed almost immediately.

POWERS: She can steal powers from other demigods, except for powers of children of the Big Three (example, if she hangs out with a daughter of Aphrodite, she can take their powers, so she now has the power and the Aphrodite child doesn't. However, she can only take them for a limited amount of time). She doesn't use her powers on anyone, unless she has to, or if she's playing around with them ;)

LIKES: Pulling pranks, hanging out with friends, exploring the woods, traveling, eating food, taking risks, and making stupid jokes 

DISLIKES: Pranks being pulled on her, her dad, and training

HAIR: Light brown, long, wavy

EYES: Dark brown

SKIN: Tan skin

WEAPON: 18 inch celestial bronze dagger (which she calls pugione)

FATAL FLAW: Pride and curiosity

STRENGTHS: Extremely determined, strong, fast, great at offense. 

WEAKNESSES: Tends to get into trouble with monsters, likes to flirt with death, huge risk-taker

OTHER: is ADHD and Dyslexic 

Name Ivy Blades
Age 15
Birthdate October, 19
Godly Parent Lyssa, goddess of Rage, Insanity, Madness, and Rabies
Human Parent Never knew them
Relatives Never knew them, but considers a daughter of Eris her sister
Hair color/style Long black hair with long bangs, often in an emo style
Skin color A mocha brown
Eye color A silver color
Clothing style The usual CHB shirt, black jeans, a pair of converses, and her black hoodie that is to big for her.
Weapon A stygian iron scythe that can be turned into a simple silver bracelet
Powers She can shadow travel short distances and speak to dogs and other small animals. Ivy can curse others with insanity, rabies, or madness or take it away. She can also take the insanity or rage around her and use it to power herself. Ivy can also go into an Insanity Mode where she doesn't feel pain and continues to fight no matter what. While she can go pretty long, if she gets exhausted, knocked out, or willingly stops she will snap out of the Insanity Mode.
Pets Ivy doesn't have any pets but gets along well with the hellhounds walking around in the woods and other small animals that end up in the camp
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