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+RessGiny​​ Flick: Well, well, well. Look who made new friends.
Jelly: Me? Oh! Their names are PaRappa and Pinto. I brought them here.
Flick: Oh.
PaRappa: Yeah, we're Jelly's new friends.
Pinto: Yeah, possibly, I can exist that.
Jelly: Sweety Bancha is pregnant again!
Flick: Oh, my God! What happened to her?
Jelly: She took pregnancy test whenever this happens.
PaRappa: Even though it was so cute.
Pinto: I would have gone to labor.
Jewels: That's always the problem.
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Peanut: Hi, Jelly!
Jelly: Hi, Peanut! Did you miss me?
Peanut: I missed you, yeah.
Jelly: I missed you too.
Peanut: Butter and I replaced you with Katy.
Katy: Hi, Jelly.
Jelly: Hi, Katy!
PaRappa: Hi, Katy. What's shaking?
Katy: Peanut told me to say "Oodelay!"
Peanut: Yes I did.
Pinto: You taught her to say it?
Peanut: Yes!
Butter: Yeah. (laughs)
Jelly: I guess Butter agrees with you.
Butter: (touches Katy's face) Softy.
Katy: Aww... She thinks my face is soft. (blushes)
PaRappa: Yeah. I couldn't agree more.
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+Jewels Flower the Rabbit PaRappa: Hey Butter, the frog of my beanie is showing emotions.
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Nutty: Hi, PB&J Otter gang! Guess what? I gave birth to my son, Nutty Jr.
PB&J Otter gang: Aww...
Jelly: He's so cute.
Peanut: Yeah, well I bet Butter can be friends with him although she won't fight with him, and he doesn't want to pee on the floor.
Munchy: Woah! I want to hold him!
Nutty: Sure, Munchy. Here. (lends Munchy Nutty Jr. to hold)
Munchy: Wow. What a cutie pie.
Pinch: Let's take turns holding the baby.
PB&J Otter gang: Yeah! (they take turns)
Flick: Cheese and quackers! That's so awesome, holding the baby.
Jelly: You said it, Flick. Does anybody feel tired?
Scootch: Yah!
All: Scootch!
Scootch: (runs into everybody except for Nutty and his baby) Sorry, sorry, my fault.
Pinch: I think I was tired.
Bootsie: That's great news, Pinch.
Ootsie: If so, I love it whenever this happens to be, a happy ending.
Nutty: No! It's not a happy ending.
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Munchy: I love it.
Nutty: Woah! Thanks.
Sweety: Thank you, Toothy. I hope Nutty lays his side on me between my legs and his back next to my preggers tummy.
Toothy: I know. You're welcome on that.

+Jewels Flower the Rabbit I want to continue role playing all day and night.

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Katy: PaRappa, Pinto, Jelly! Guess what? Flaky just met Mr. Snootie!
Flaky: I did?
Katy: Yeah.
Jelly: Wow! That's great news, Katy!
PaRappa: Yeah, tell us more.
Katy: Musica went with us to show me around to the Snootie mansion.
Pinto: Woah! That's also great news too, Katy!
Jelly: I agree with you.
PaRappa: Me too.
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Jelly: Okay, Lammy (HTF), let me teach you how to run into things and destroy things.
Lammy (HTF): Uh, I don't know how to.
Peanut: Well, you're going to.
Jelly: If you want to watch what Scootch is doing, he does that a lot.
Scootch: Yah! (runs into the sandbox and knocks it over) Sorry, sorry, my fault.
Jelly: And you eventually want to say, "Sorry, sorry, my fault." Try that after you run into something.
Butter: Something. (laughs)
Peanut: You said it, Butter. We'll help you how to do it.
Lammy (HTF): How?
Peanut: You know how to do it! (laughs) Say, "Yah!"
Lammy (HTF): Yah!
Peanut: No, not that! Say, "Yah!" when you run. You run, each time you say it.
Lammy (HTF): Okay. (runs) Yah!
Peanut: That's it! Now you run into stuff and destroy stuff.
Jelly: Like say, that lamp, momma made us.
Peanut: Yeah, try that.
Lammy (HTF): Okay. (runs into the lamp) Yah! (destroys it)
Jelly: Now say, "Sorry, sorry, my fault." Try that.
Lammy (HTF): Uh, okay? Sorry, sorry, my fault?
Jelly: There you go.
Peanut: (hugs Lammy (HTF)) Way to go, Lammy (HTF)!
Lammy (HTF): Uh, thanks? (hugs back)
Jelly: Try doing it again, Lammy (HTF).
Lammy (HTF): Okay. Where should I start?
Peanut and Jelly: Run into something!
Butter: (fixes the lamp and stands it there)
Lammy (HTF): Yah! (runs into the lamp and knocks it over) Sorry, sorry, my fault. I did it!
Jelly: (hugs Lammy (HTF)) You did it!
Butter: (hugs Lammy (HTF)) Yay! (laughs)
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Paula: Jelly! I'm pregnant!
Jelly: Oh, no! You are preggers? Why?
Paula: Because, I'm giving birth on Saturday!
Petunia: She's got a point.
Jelly: I know, Petunia. But, why was I right about it?
Petunia: Because, uh, I think Paula's just pregnant because she's about to give birth on Saturday.
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Softie: Hi, Jelly! Can I style your hair?
Jelly: Sure!
Softie: Okay. (puts Jelly's hair in a French braid, secures it with an elastic) There.
Jelly: (looks in a mirror) Wow. Thanks, Softie!
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