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Been taking a break from the grunt work of monster stats to work on the last remaining creative hurdle in the project: Magic items.

I've been struck how there seems to be a gap in the OSR department when it comes to magic items. Many seem to agree that generic +1 items are dull and that items should be unique and defining, preferring special abilities over bonuses. 5e actually seems further ahead on this curve than B/X is. Yet, other than people carefully crafting individual items and sharing online, there is not much in the way of guidelines for this.

So the past few days, I've been working on what I believe to be the first system for procedural generation of unique magic items for use in emergent gameplay with treasure tables. It takes up 3 pages.

There will be a selection of known items from B/X as well, though these will be presented more as a 'proof of concept' and inspiration for the procedural generator and for those times when the GM doesn't feel like making something new.

Update: Project is still alive, but been on the backburner for a while as I've been dealing with persistent illness for the past four months. I guess proper netiquette dictates that I should wait for the kickstarter to fund before coming down with such afflictions, but there it is. I'm away for a few weeks, but hope to start looking at this again when I get back at the end of the month.

This is a well done Conversion of 5E - B/X I look forward to running this. Do you have any plans to expand this further? Besides the Companion?

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Anders have you tinkered with an Into the Unknown character sheet yet?

Ok - I've FINALLY had a chance to make a few characters with my kids and run a very quick encounter. I then ran the same encounter at different level alone (kids lose interest real quick). A few questions came up which may be because of my unfamiliarity with 5e (I have it, I've read it, but haven't played much as my gaming buddies are heavy into AD&D 1e or WhiteBox).

That said my questions are these:

1. How exactly does the Master/Improved Master work in regards to the Rogue? Can you provide an example?
2. Innate Magic: Same thing - I'm not sure how the mechanic works.

Other than that I find it all well done - especially replacing skills with proficiency areas and similarly simplifying backgrounds.

I feel that this is what Dungeonesque (not that it is bad, just not what I was expecting) should have been.

I've glanced over character creation and running the game a bit, and it looks like I may be turning to this the next time I have to make a 5E character.

Additionally, I should have a chance to playtest the rules in action come the new year when I run a WotC book--I've already warned my friends that I'd be upping experience for levels, so maybe I can convince them to go even further.

Thanks for letting us look it over

Ok - I've gone through a first reading. I rather like it - especially the changes to the Rogue compared to the earlier version you posted on your blog. Next step is to make a few characters to get a feel and help me spot issues.

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