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RB Biddulph

Blogging Tips  - 
Are you wondering what it takes to get featured on some of the world's most famous blogs?

Follow these 8 tips to land on popular, well read blogs so you can increase your blog traffic quickly.

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Are you dying to be featured on a world famous blog? Today, I want to share with you how I’ve been featured on sites like Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, and Neil Patel Dot Com. You may be starving for exposure but feel wracked by doubt, confusion, and a general feeling that it’s impossible for …
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Dhandy Riando

Introduce Yourselves  - 
Like, Comment, Share please :)
The second generation (Japanese: 第二世代 second generation) of Pokémon games, referred to as the Gold/Silver series in Pokémon Crystal's box blurb and instruction manual, and sometimes called the metal generation or metallic gen...
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Bella Smith

Content Strategy  - 
Creating compelling content is not easy as it seems. Get some simple and powerful tips to create engaging content when you go clueless.
Do you find yourself clueless while writing for your blog? Undoubtedly creating compelling content for the self owned blog & maintaining the readership is a complex task.
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Ernest Pena

Content Strategy  - 
Trolls attack!
Dead is me death Is where I wanna be, killing my self is the first step and the rest leads to happiness which I want. I want to kill my self super bad and idk why, I try to help people out like his queen and other people and they fucken seems to ignore me like wtf I'm done being in this planet I'm going to kill my self so this is my last post of my Google plus account then I'm done forever fuck it I can't handle being ignore well I don't know what else to do so bye! 
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Mike Allton

Blogging Tips  - 
How To Google+

h/t +Denis Labelle

+Denis Labelle originally shared:

How-To +Google+
I. Getting Started On Google+ >
1. Google+ > I
2. Get started with G+ Collections >
3. Get started with G+ Communities >
4. G+ Help Community >
5. Google+ Collections - Community >
6. Google+ Collections - Support Center >
7. G+ updates on all platforms >
8. YouTube >
9. Branding Guidelines >
10. Google+ For Work >
11. Google+ Growth: 2.7 BILLION accounts >
12. Policies for Google+, Hangouts & Photos >

II. Google+ Settings
. Part 1 >
. Part 2 >
. Part 3 >
. Part 4 >

III. Google+ Collections (How To)
. Why Google+ Collections? >

13. How to create a Collection > 
14. How to customize your Collection >
15. How to create a post in a Collection >
16. How to reshare a post to a Collection >
17. How to move an existing post to a Collection >
18. How to Pin a Post to a Collection >
19. How to Share a Collection >
20. How to see who is Following your Collection >
21. How to Follow/Unfollow a Collection >
22. Why should I have more than 1 post in a Collection? >
23. Why I should have a good cover photo? >
24. Why should my Collection posts have a catchy intro? >
25. Tips for Creating a Featurable Collection >
26. Moving vs Resharing a Post >
27. Credit the content you share >
28. How to add YouTube videos to Collections >
29. Lightning Fast Keyboard Shortcuts >
30. How to disable Comments and Reshares on your posts >
31. How to share your Collection to Facebook/Twitter >
32. How to change a link's preview Image in a post >

33. How to create a Collection (Android) >
34. How to Create a Poll (Android) >
35. How to create a Collection (iOS) >
36. Create a poll through a Quick Action (iOS) >
37. How to share your Collection to Facebook/Twitter >
38. Following screen visually separates Following from Circles (Android) >

IV. Google+ Communities (Tips & Tricks)
39. Spark a conversation by commenting on others' posts >
40. Post a challenge or activity that gets people talking >
41. Encourage people to join the conversation with mentions >

V. Collections about Google+:

NEW Google+ Create ->
. 10 things that every new G+ user should know >
. Beginners Tips for Using Google+ Collections >
. A Masterclass in Google Collections >
. Advanced Tips for Google+ Collections >
. G+ Collections PRO >
. The 3 Cs of Google+ >
. The 3 Ways to Share on Google+ >
. 6 Months of Google+ Updates >
. Reflections on the First 5 Years of Google+ and Thoughts about its Future >

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Just made a new blog. Would be grateful for some honest feedback / advice.
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Stacey Potts (Discovering Zimzygirl)

General Blogging Discussion  - 
Question : On days where you've worked hard on a blog post/Youtube Video or anything in general but haven't gotten the response you wanted, how to you keep motivated to continue ?
Love to know people's ways of dealing with these situations. :) xXx
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Surya Jayaram

General Blogging Discussion  - 
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Now that's a party!
Last weekend, some 1500 Americans, participating in the Port Huron ‘Float Down’ event, illegally crossed into Canadian waters, swept by strong winds and somewhat pickled senses. The annual event s…
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Shukla Banik

Google Blogger  - 
Aasha / Ummeed / Hope

আপনজনের কাছে কোনো আশা রেখোনা 
তাহলে কেউ আর আপন থাকেনা 
আশার আবার কি  - সর্বদাই ভাঙছে 
সম্পর্কে ভাঙ্গন এন না। 

Hindi Version

अपनो से कोई उम्मीद मत रखना 
ऐसे फिर कोई अपना नही रहता 
उम्मीद का क्या - उसे टूटने की आदत हैं 
रिश्तों में दरार मत लाना। 

English Version

Expect nothing from your own
Otherwise they cease to be your own
Hope keeps crumbling
Relationship must not

Copyright: Shukla Banik

Happy hour with Shukla: Aasha/ Ummeed/ Hope
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আপনজনের কাছে কোনো আশা রেখোনা তাহলে কেউ আর আপন থাকেনা আশার আবার কি - সর্বদাই ভাঙছে সম্পর্কে ভাঙ্গন এন না। Hindi Version अपनो से कोई उम्मीद मत रखना ऐसे फिर कोई अपना नही रहता उम्मीद का क्या - उसे टूटने की आदत...
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Sumelika Das

Google Blogger  - 
I attended a fashion bloggers meet for the very first time and I shared my experience. Do read 😊
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Barbs LeCupcake

General Blogging Discussion  - 
If only we could do humanity as much good with our blogs as our predecessors did with books. If Proust wasn't busy eating Madelines born in the XIX Century he would have totally written something like this. But in all serious...
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Ricardo Gardener

General Blogging Discussion  - 
Galaxy Note 7 Already showing signs of its first major issue with stuck S Pen experienced by some users.
If your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S Pen wont eject then look no further this is how you easily fix the issue without damaging your device. Its really simple.
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Stephanie Estrada

Introduce Yourselves  - 
Hi! I just finished writing this small piece for my blog, and I hope you identify with it:)
Geminis aren’t always gems why being a gemini has its pros and cons.. Well, geminis are well known for being artistic, sociable, ready for fun, very curious, and adaptable. I’m a gemin…
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Intania Yonarizki

Google Blogger  - 
Ada banyak omong kosong tentang bahagia. Satu kata yang sering kali diumbar hanya untuk menyembunyikan derita. Aku salah satu si tukang omong besar itu. Aku seringkali mengumbar kata-kata bahagiaku, walau ku tak tau bagaima...
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Blogging Tips  - 
This post is not only for bloggers, you can learn how to get more followers, traffic to you website, keep Google+ community posts of your profile and more. Ha
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Tech Technik

General Blogging Discussion  - 
There are plenty of tools a web developer can rely on. But, which ones are you supposed to choose? Here are some of the best Web Developer Tools of 2016...
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