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Visit our revised website, then come back here and let us know what you think!

I am currently testing the financial feasibility of a hydroponic farm located on a sea stead --- specifically Marinea. IF others have already done this please share. My intention is to size the farm to the food demands of the residents and visitors on the seated. The preliminary results are positive. Ted


A Twitter follower asks "Is this 2b powered by #renewables ? U can't call it #sustainable if not. No #nuclear ? Does #water system put life-killing stuff into ocean?"

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Attention Please

Everyone, welcome to the forum. The layout is different but it functions like a forum that we're used to. So to start things off, I figured to go right to the biggest hold up for ocean colonization. Funding is of course the center of progress of any type but the funding will come when we can communicate with the masses.

We have the technology to design such a project and operate it. There are always ways to improve on a design but we know enough to get started. What we need is to develop a way to get the message out. So that's my first subject. How can we expand our knowledge to millions while not going broke. What is it, that will get the attention of CNN or Fox? We are about to change the world, that should be news worthy but how do we get their attention?

Hello and welcome to the Marinea Project's community page. Your opinions are important and your knowledge is as valuable as gold here. Got an idea that will help promote ocean colonization? Say it here. Got a question that the team can help with? Ask it here. We live to see Marinea a reality and don't mind sharing what we can.
Normal rules apply here as other forums. Try to be civil, argue your point but argue nice. Do not spam this community or you will be cast out into outer darkness as a sinner, and your post will be burnt at the stake.

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Watch this short video. Marinea is a research project into ocean colonization. We aim to find solutions to end over-crowding, hunger, and civil unrest. By expanding to the sea & creating more livable space & resources (clean water, food, energy) for a growing population, we can create a brighter future for all!
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