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Casey Stoner to return to #MotoGP  with Ducati .......

...... kind of. 

Stong rumours hinting that CS27 will return to Ducati as their development team lead alongside Pirro.

I'm sure if he does, I'm sure he will Wildcard at P.I Now that I'd love to see!

Details via top site +Asphalt & Rubber :
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Fingers Crossed

Big, nasty crash for San Marino rider Alex de Angelis at #Motegi   #JapaneseGP  during FP4.

The rider was seen lying motionless next to a totally destroyed Ioda Racing ART.

Rider reported to be concious  and breathing, taken to medical centre after been treated trackside for over 15 minutes.
Now been airlifted to hospital.

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. 

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Opps. All round good bloke Nicky Hayden with a busted thumb

NH69 has broke his thumb whilst doing minimotos in Italy. I can only blame a certain Mr Valentino Rossi who was leading this minimoto race.
WSB next year? Maybe to replace Ginters 50 at PATA Ten-Kate.

More details via +Asphalt & Rubber

Nicky's IG :
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KTM to sign Dani Pedrosa ........

Little rumour going around San Mirino today that +KTM have been speaking to Honda Stalwart Dani Pedrosa.

I for one would love to see Dani sign for KTM & leave Alberto Puig behind at HRC.

More details when we get them

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Wow, an unfortunate and nasty crash for Guy Martin on the last lap of the Dundrod 150. He had been riding just master class and was in the lead ahead of Bruce Anstey when the wreck occurred. The tank slapper separated Guy from his Tyco BMW Superbike and initiated an incredible tumble through the air and the mud, leaving him motionless hundreds of feet away. A fairly scary few moments I will say!  The race was red flagged and Anstey declared the winner at that point.

After being taken to Royal Belfast Hospital, scans revealed that he had sustained a broken sternum, vertebra and some ribs. There is video of the crash, but I'll not post that here. The broken vertebra will require surgery to repair, hence his being ruled out of the Ulster. Knowing Guy's reputation, that surgery is most likely the only reason he won't be on the bike for the Ulster!  He is one tough customer. 

Guy, I wish you a full and speedy recovery. 

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Hello team. Long time - no posts.

I'm currently working away from Wiggysan H.Q at a family fun fair resort called +Flamingo Land Resort​.

Because of this, my days and night are now much much busier then normal.

Sorry for the lack of +1's & feed back to posts & I'm even more sorry for the amount of junk SPAM that has crept it's way into our fine community.

Not sure how long I'm up here until, it's looking like either early to mid September.

Hope this post finds you all well & I look forward to getting back to normal service.

Many thanks from us here at #MotoPodCast.


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I've got to say, it looks pretty trick and impressive.
My only worry is, as with all hub centre steering bikes over the years, will it work? The very best of them just seem to be on par with the conventional fork bikes, I've yet to see one being better.
There must be reason all the big bike manufacturers have not taken up this option.
Legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer Vyrus are set to try their hand at racing, making their debut in the new European CEV Moto2 championship with British teenager Bradley Ray onboard their revolutionary bike.

Most famous for the hub steering Tesi project, the firm have kept the unusual front end in their new Honda powered machine, and will contest the new European championship that’s grown from the Spanish series.

Ray has experience in the Spanish paddock, finishing eleventh in their domestic Moto3 series in 2014 as part of a busy year; the seventeen year old also took third in the British Motostar series as well as an excellent fourth in MotoGP support series the Red Bull Rookies.


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Well after all that it was a couple of not so bright scallies, I would almost have preferred the industrial espionage story as suggested by +H.T.V. Blu it had a bit more going for it than two clowns out of their depth in a criminal world.
Good to see the bike is back to its rightful owners.
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