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SudaMod development based on the CM open source project

With some of the best open source code


The lunar calendar

Time segment

Belonging to a custom

Head first word formation

Phone messages attribution

The player with the sleep mode

The browser home page Baidu exit option...........


The above code Mokee, thanks to the long pig

The status bar displays the night mode Su

The operator custom size

The navigation bar is highly customizable

Set interface to add gestures entrance

Add attribution query tool

Add the weather screen lock entrance

Upgrade interface optimization

Advanced information (CPU, GPU)

Desktop add gestures, hide the status bar


Thanks to cm, mokee, nameless, TeamBliss-LP, Omni and so on many open source projects

Hello everyone, can someone help me with download mirror of Sudamod 7.1 for Mi4c?

For two days now, I can't download the ROM from sudamod site.


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Finally installed!

I found a unofficial build for hammerhead and FC me on google play services. I could not set it up but I've seen that it is only in English and chinese. I hope that the continuous development, it seems to me a nice ROM.

Update to Android 5.1.1_r18

Best source code for xiaomi mi3...:D UPDATE MI3 SOON!!!

Hi there,

Do you have any plans to update sudamod for xiaomi mi2?

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