ridiculous苹果抄袭这小破公司?! 狼和小羊的寓言,苹果都不知道小作坊的存在!国产就好?有小米以前一堆山寨破手机。中国人就好?销售一堆坏蛋,这帮白痴(低素质、低教育的败类全世界都是loser)现在为‘同胞’说话,明天它就可能加害你

只认关系好坏,不讲道理只有披着法律外衣的弱智非理性好恶,不治理社会渣滓黑帮 如果分不清好人坏蛋很容易失控,过分的专制导致腐败

自由言论=评论政治 不是随意骂人

seldom have time:it's complex to cross the webFirewall over,I don't have much time to do this

I was just like you:wouldn't bend,individual,hard and fragile,determined,fighting,hating restrict(why is twitter words limit to 10 words?! why is myBookmark restored to a ancient version?!You can synchronize it only when I want it).I must win!

So my friends:For you own protection , don't be too sharp all the time

i got a task list(todo things) and i'm fullfilling them gradully and
i've achieve lots of them

wave of gravity been found ,and i know it before LIGO:as B=I=E't wave of gravity=E(F)'t=kind of quantity as light for q

sign on
haven't got too much time ,want to find one which allow me time to research

logon 2016.2.23
google seem to be the future than the Apple/oracle.
i like alphabet' open-source,brave new ideas(auto-drive) greenHand-friendly.
on the other hand, oracle only sees money and not exlporing at all
want most to go join chrome-os.

chinese new year
i don't know what to say

Twitter doesn't have a #top button to top

this is my news announcement officially
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