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Well, after a week or so of beta builds of the MVC version, I think it's good enough for a launch of a new carrotware homepage, check out the new modern design:

Daily beta builds continue. Little tweaks/nice to haves and refactors are the main differences.

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MVC5 Progress: Getting there! Currently at 95% - at this point it's mostly find minor gaps in functionality or refactor layout to make the UI more natural. Time for TTE (Test Tweak Extend). At this point all the functionality has been stood up, it's just time to do the integration test to verify that all features work as expected and that something didn't get messed up with integration of subsequent features.

Upgraded server and to version 4.0.  After the update, I was no longer able to add/edit any of the CMS pages (error 500).  After some hunting, I followed a path that lead to here:

Taking the advice in that article, I added this to the web.config of the admin folder:
<location path=".">
      <httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" />

Everything is working again, although I'm probably going to point it at just the pages we use instead of the whole virtual directory.  Just wanted to share, in case anyone else ran in to problems.

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Since I've spent most of the last year doing MVC5 + Razor, I've begun porting CarrotCake into MVC5.  Once the core has been converted and fairly stable, I'll be pushing copies out to the various public repos.  The webforms version isn't going away, but will have a parallel dev path, both will have the same core feature sets wherever possible.

On the user setup page, you can enter First name, Last name, Bio.  Is there a built in way to retrieve that, or do I have to query that information manually?

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Just uploaded some minor updates to the live repos

updated code for prettyphoto for current jquery version support
removed some exteranous variables that were not being used
added ability to default seed an event category and provide some cancel buttons
updated tinymce to v3.5.11

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Quick Tip:
Make sure that if you are building the solution from code you compile in Release Mode.

Not only will errors that do happen from time to time show less information and help protect you from hackers, but the code will be more optimized.  In debug mode, there is some caching that the framework does not perform, as well as database tracing in the CMS code itself that will be very chatty and could hurt site performance if not turned off.  Building in Release will help with caching and turning off the database tracing.

Not sure if your site was built in Release?  Just view source and look for the meta tag for generator.  If it says "DEBUG MODE" you should rebuild. 
<meta name="generator" content="CarrotCake CMS 4.3.####.##### DEBUG MODE" />

The version is also printed below the c3 admin logon box and footer in the admin area.
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