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[name]- Malzahar
[species]- Unknown (human like)
[age]- Unknown (atleast 34 billion years)
[rank]- Herald (essentially high commander)
[alignment]- The Void
[weapons]- small energy blasts from his hands, a curved shortsword
[height]- 5'11"
[personality]- malicious, Intelligent, tactical
[Void's Herald]- the Void creates an energy bubble around malzahar's body to protect him from even the most damaging weapons, and when he is about to be killed, a portal opens beneath him and brings him back to where he is from.
[Life falters]- Malzahar summons 3 "Voidlings" to his aid, which duplicates while attacking who he directs them to. the longer they are not killed, the larger, stronger and faster they get, along with they duplicate faster.
[Call of the Void]- 2 small portals to the void open 5 yards away from each other, then null energy waves pass through opposite portal. doing damage to anything that is hit by them, passing through all but dimension/subspace based defenses and temporarily overloading the nervous system of those how are hit, disabling them for afew seconds.
[Null Zone]- Malzahar creates a micro-portal on the ground, where the energy of the void leaks through to create a puddle that drains the atomic energy from those in it. this puddle is more like tar then energy as is extremely hard to pass through.
[Malefic Visions]- malzahar places an expanding and constricting sphere of void energy around a single target's head, temporarily driving them insane, blinding them with their deepest fears and draining their atomic energy away at the same time.
[Rise of the Void]- from his eye's, Malzahar shots out beams of void energy that overload a single target's nervous system, and quickly drains away all forms of energy on the target.
[bio]- the early history of Malzahar is unknown by all except Malzahar himself, but what is know is that he is the Herald to a dark dimension called the Void. possessing abilities that drive fear into even the most stone hearted. he leads the armies of terror educing creatures that spawn from his portals to and from the void. if you encounter him or any of his creatures, prepare your defenses for an onslaught unlike any other, for the Void is coming, and it will not be denied.

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