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Welcome to the Earth & Moon 2.0 Beta Community!

This is the place for all feedback related to the new Beta - Update of Earth & Moon in HD Gyro 3D! (Please no off-topic stuff, it will be removed)

If you don't have the beta yet, here are the links for participating in the beta program: (Free Version) (Pro Version)

I am looking forward to your ideas, suggestions, questions, and (hopefully not so many ;) bug reports!

Now have fun :-) Cheers!


The app is great. You can add satellites or meteorites even more realisticallyn. 

I've gotta say, this app is just stunning. I've racked my brain trying to find the right words, and can't. Beautiful, amazing, detailed, nothing really does it justice. Thank you, because, with 100% sincerity, I've never seen anything like it.
I've found, though, on my s7 edge, when I swipe left for rotation, it always wants to slide over to the next screen where I have all my widgets hiding. (I hate that word, btw. Widget. I don't know, it just drives me crazy, but maybe I'm oversharing here) Easy enough to get around, just swipe right to rotate. But when I pinch to zoom, it brings up the home screen customization menu, where you can add widgets (There it is again!!), set up screen layout, and the like. That I have not found a workaround for. I've messed with the settings a little bit, but haven't found a solution yet. Any advice?
Again , thank you for your hard work. I've downloaded a number of your wallpapers, and they're all great, and I appreciate that you're a developer who actually listens to and responds to feedback. I look forward to hearing from you, and can't wait to see what's next!!

Loving it!

How can I have it remain fixed on my current position?

I want to disable the ability to pan on touch (can do that) but couldn't see a way to show the current location.


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Bought your app when I was on Android 6.0.1. But now after updating to Android Nougat 7.1.1, it says phone is not compatible. It also says the same on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Android 7.0.0.
Will people with Android Nougat get a refund, or are there any plans to make the app compatible?.

Saya sudah membayar versi pro, tapi tidak bisa menginstall, tolong diperbaiki.

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Here you go, Alex... Here's some moving clouds to put off the east coast of Tasmania and Australia!!! When you get a spare minute, that is... Ha!
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