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This week please complete all these (5T, 5A, 5P)
LO4(max 9/11, wrong answer for exchange of materials in placenta),
LO5(max 10/10)
LO6 (max 10/12)
LO7 (max 6/7), ignore reflex action,

Post your result in telegram :) good luck

Hello, welcome to this community! This is a place that we explore and enhance ourselves!
Go to this link to get the whole list of links (for Chapter 1)
Watch the video whenever you free. Start with short video.
Then go to Guru-App> Practice Questions>10. Transport> Lesson 02. The circulatory system and lesson 3 The composition of human blood.  Do it before the 1st lesson!
Snap your score and keep the pic in your phone first!
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