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Hey, everyone. I created a place where people can chat with eachother and hang out and roleplay and do tons of other stuff. If you're a huge fan of the Eon Pokemon Like myself, I figured here's a place to go. It's brand new so nothing's happening right now. but if I'm on there, you can login and chill whenever you have some time to kill. Here you go everyone!

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My profile sorry i screenshot it since i was lazy

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Asking this for curiosity and kinda to see how good my buy was
I'll share a photo later
The other day I got some earbuds
I didn't even realize until later that they were wireless
Is getting wireless earbuds a deal if they're under $10? Because they cost slightly under $10, with tax.

I like what u did with the title. Clever.

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I'm here
Name's Matthew but I have various aliases; some accidental, some on purpose
Just call me Tio

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Hey +Tia AeonTM
Remember this

Welcome to our land
Its a land of freedom
pls post in the correct categories

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Lets try to restart this community!
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