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check out Tanja, our final member's teaser Teaser #9 - Tanja

+Valeria Luera saeng-ah saengil chukkha hamnida!!!!

+Valeria Luera HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY I HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY, ALL HEARING AIDS WISH YOU THE BEST +Michelle Lor +Baka No Cow +Tanja Tjong +Victoria Galindo +Daniela Coronado +EFJ ify 

Happy Birthday +Valeria Luera! I hope you have a great day today and all your wishes come true ^^

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Hello, guys >~< long time no see :3

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Check out our next members teaser ;)

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Dear hearing-aids have you seen this? ;)

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teaser 7 out lol ;) i look so weird


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Hola Hearing Aids! Teaser #5 slash Member Teaser #3 is out! And who else can it be but our beloved Leader Fai! Hohoho
(Yes, I am definitely shameless xD)
Hope we have not disappointed you so far. If there is any way for us to improve, please tell us. We would very much appreciate the constructive feedbacks. Thank you :)

Do anticipate the other members' teasers!
Who's next?

Ain't gonna tell ya! Guess yourself! =D

Adieu~ ^,^

~ Fai
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