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#Learning2gether episodes 395 and 396 were archives and recordings of ‘Gamifying Teacher Professional Development through Minecraft MOOC’ presented in November at WorldCALL 2018 in Concepción, Chile.

In January we'll be back with EVO Minecraft MOOC for 2019 #evomc19. Electronic Village Online are gearing up now for the next round of EVO sessions #evosessions Jan 13 thru Feb 17. Registration starts Jan 7, and is free and open to all.

Visit the EVO 2019 Call for Participation at for links to all 16 sessions offered at the start of the new year. All are welcome.

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Learning2gether episode 394 will take place Fri Oct 19 0530 UTC when Vance Stevens connects with Hossein Vakili's class of ELT teachers in Tehran

Hossein has asked Vance to present at a web conference for his teachers and colleagues at Raja Language Institute in Tehran and speak to them about learner autonomy, which Vance suggests has to start out with teachers themselves becoming autonomous learners.

Participants can read beforehand:

Stevens, Vance. (2007). The Multiliterate Autonomous Learner: Teacher Attitudes and the Inculcation of Strategies for Lifelong Learning. Independence, Winter 2007 (Issue 42) . Available: VanceStevens_multiliterateAutonomousLearner.pdf

Associated slides are posted here:

This is not a top down presentation; it is meant to be a conversation. Hossein's students are to read / review Vance’s materials and be prepared to ask questions in order to hold a conversation with the invited speaker (15 min). Online participants in the event will then be invited to speak to Hossein and his students about their view of online facilitation (15 min).

The event will take place in Zoom,

The conversation will be recorded and posted to YouTube. By attending, you implicitly agree to being recorded.

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Learning2gether episode 393 will begin at 1400 UTC on Sunday, Apr 29 as part of the Apr 27-29 10th Virtual Round Table and 9th vLanguages-SLanguages Web Conference. You can search for our presentation "Preparing Teachers to Engage Learners with EVO Minecraft MOOC" in the #vrtwebcon program here:

We will be warping and teleporting to various interesting sites on our Minecraft server. During the event, you can join us in Minecraft if you are whitelisted there, or watch the tour and chat with us at the Adobe presentation venue,; or you can watch the livestream on

Our presentation is followed at 15:30 UTC by a Workshop on How to build in Minecraft. It's free but places are limited, so you need to register at You need to have a Mojang login to participate hands-on at the server.

For more information on just this #evomc18 event visit

Or, as this event moves up in the queue find the next #learning2gether event listed at

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#learning2gether episode #391 on April 20, 2018, will be a continuation of the traditional Earth Day series with a visit with Sheila Adams's 7th grade students at Rye Junior High School, Rye, New Hampshire, USA. All are welcome to drop in at any time from 1230 UTC onwards, for 4 hours, at, where you can listen to the stream and interact in the text chat at More details, including background publications stretching back years and time where you are, at

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The EVO team is in TESOL Chicago, where on March 28 from 1530 UTC Vance Stevens, Martha Ramirez, and Diana K. Salazar will be on-site streaming IN other EVO moderators and coordinators Nellie Deutsch - Ed.D, Mbarek akaddar, Carrie Terry, Maha Hassan, Daniela martino, and Julie Kacmaz -- while streaming OUT the Best of EVO, live as a #TESOL2018 #CALL-IS webcast event.

You can tune in and view the stream at this link

Shooting the QR code from our on-site handout at takes you to the expanded version with full program details at

You can find further information on this event, #learning2gether episode 361 at Join us online if you can.

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EVO Minecraft MOOC is in TESOL Chicago, where Jeff Kuhn, Jane Chien, Aaron Schwartz and Vance Stevens will be streaming as #learning2gether episode 360 from #TESOL2018 on March 28 from 1500 UTC, thanks to #evomc18 participant Heike Philp, in Adobe Connect. You can view the stream live at

Shooting the QR code in the handout at, takes you to for more information. You can find further information on this and all other #learning2gether events at

#Learning2gether Episode 359 happens on Tue March 20 at 1400 UTC when Ohio University PhD candidate Filipo Lubua interviews Vance Stevens about his role as an CALL academic entrepreneur. As Filipo sees it, a CALL academic entrepreneur is any CALL practitioner who has created one or more technological tools or services that aim at providing support for language learning and/or teaching in any level of education. Filipo wishes to ask Vance about the path he took during entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and exploitation, and the outcomes of that entrepreneurial endeavor.

Filipo will run the Hangout on Air and information on how you can join in will be posted at Go there for more information, including time of the event where you are.

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The next #Learning2gether event, episode 385, is set to take place at 1400 UTC on SUNDAY MARCH 11 in Bb Collaborate, when +Helaine Marshall will introduce us to the International Film Club, an iEARN Project, see, which she facilitates with Khalid Fethi and Fay Stump. Helaine will explain how you can connect youth in a global effort to build mutual understanding and intercultural bridges through shared experiences with films and robust online interactions, both synchronous and asynchronous.

Join the event in Bb Collaborate, Those who are unable to attend live can follow the stream at, and chat with Laine in real time at Chatwing:

Visit for more information and to find the time of the event wherever you happen to be in the world.

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EVO 2018 holds its annual closing ceremony this Sun Feb 25 at 1400 UTC. You are invited to come online to discuss, reflect, and relate your stories about your experience in EVO2018 this past January-February.

In a break from tradition, this year's closing webinar is the week after the official end of the sessions to give moderators and participants a window in which to wrap up their own sessions.

As usual, the session will be held in Bb Collaborate and streamed on YouTube, with opportunities for you to join us live in BbC or participate in real-time in the YouTube or Chatwing text chats.

The live webinar will be in Bb Collaborate at the link here:

You can watch the stream on
where you can join the conversation live or leave any questions at

Click on to see links to the Google slide presentation in progress, the time of the event where you are, how to test your connection, practice, or get help if you need it.

Hope to see you there on Sunday.

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#Learning2gether Episode 382 takes place this Sunday 1400 UTC when we are joined by thought provocateur and meticulous analyst of cutting edge educational technologies +Alexander Hayes in Google Hangout on Air. The live link will be shared, for anyone wishing to join us live, at the link accompanying this post; and of course the HoA will be streamed live on YouTube and recorded.

For complete information, including the engaging slide show at, with links to explore before or while listening in, plus connection details and time of the event where you are, visit the link here or its shortcut

All are welcome. Should be an interesting discussion, hope to see you there.
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