You guys want to go against my clan

Hello im the leader of the SU clan i was wondering if u would like to be allies we can help u in training or wars or have battles for fun we can help u in raid drills if u do the same live leader GT bellow and ill contact u

here's the thing. we need to make a youtube video of how bad ass our clan is then post it.

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I think Halo Waypoint should make gold nametags for those who are in a clan. For people could have a battles with other clans in Halo 4.

i want to become a member online..... best dessison you'll ever make because 1, i've played all the halo series. 2 i may not be a RS 40 or 50 but i pack a suprise. 3 i'm a RS 8 right now and need trainers to help me bring out the best in my playing skills

we need a online halo 4 event, comment if you agree..

my gamer tag " SneakyNinja3 XD " look me up

Im here btw sry if i pissed u of today just had a crappy day 2day

how can i join the Nuke clan?
add me on xbox live XXCHRIZXX90
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