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Hello everyone, and Welcome to the Community!

I really appreciate everyone who joins. I hadn't seen a lot of Western Vocaloid love on Google+ so I'm very interested to see how many people join. (So far so good!)

The rules are listed in the About Community filter.

And if you couldn't tell this community is exclusively Western Vocaloids. I don't mind if you want to showcase a Western Vocaloid Producer using a non-Western Vocaloid, but again I don't want Miku somehow taking over this Community.

Feel free to ask any questions you have, even if it's questions about Western Vocaloids if you're unfamiliar with them. I will try to answer questions within a couple days, if not I'm hoping for some good mods to help.

Thank you!

(Official Art of AVANNA by Aki Glancy A.K.A EmpathP)

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At Google Images, I scrolled down until the bottom of the page.

(P.S. I searched western Vocaloids for my computer wallpaper)

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Hello everyone!
The much anticipated Vocaloid Kickstarter Project VOCAMERICA, created by the magnificent AkiGlancy (EmpathP), just had it's first concert yesterday (November 5th)!!!!

The concert was held at NekoCon last night! More from the concert should be out soon! (I recommend checking the twitter hashtag #VOCAMERICA)


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Hey everyone!

I don't know if you can count Cyber Songman as a Western Vocaloid (since he's made by YAMAHA.) But, being an American English V4 is still pretty exciting! ;) So here's my little info. post about him!
(Sorry I'm kinda late with this post, but...)

In case you haven't seen YAMAHA's Halloween treat, a new male VOCALOID was released on October 31st! And to top it off, he's a male American English VOCALOID!

His name is Cyber Songman, and is Cyber Diva's male counterpart (if you couldn't tell from is "creative" name). And just like Cyber Diva, his recordings experimented new ways to make English VOCALOIDS sound even more realistic.

He includes two extra phonetic symbols; the Alveolar Flap (represented by "4"), and a brand new phonetic symbol the Syllabic Alveolar Lateral Approximate (represented by "@l"). To put it simply, these extra phonetic symbols help Cyber Songman sound more American. For more information about these symbols, an interview with Cyber Songman's Developer has been posted on the VOCALOID YouTube channel. ( )

But of course the best part are his new demos! The fan favorite so far has been his demo "Fighter" by YusukeKira and cheesum. (Linked below)

Thank you guys so much! And sorry for the late post once again! <3

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Hey everyone! Sorry for being very inactive. I've recently started college and it's been a bit hectic.

Speaking of hectic, here's an update on VOCAMERICA!

--The concert will be, for sure, taking place on the Saturday of Neko-con between 2:00pm and 3:00pm.

--A final track list has been made for the concert. The list has some songs originally planned for the concert cut, due to time limitations on the actual concert day. Don't worry if your favorite song got cut though! They will be featured in future concerts and if you are purchasing the concert CD all the songs previously promised will be featured on the CD's soundtrack. (AKA, the soundtrack for the CD has NOT been changed. But some concert songs did get cut.)

--If you were a Kickstarter Backer, meaning you contributed $1 or more to the Kickstarter, there will be a screen test livestream on September 30th. So make sure you keep checking your Kickstarter emails to keep updated!

--Also Backers, a lot of the Kickstarter merchandise has been made! Look at your emails or go on the Kickstarter page to see samples!

--Finally, some big news! Aki will be hosting a Original Song Writing Contest for Lola, Sweet Ann, Tonio, or Prima. There are not enough original songs for them to perform in future concerts, although they have all been funded. For more information on how to enter and contest rules check out the video below!

If you watch the video, leave a nice comment for Aki to thank her for all the hard work she's put into the concert. She's is doing this for Western Vocaloids and all us Western Vocaloid fans out of the kindness in her heart, and this has caused a lot of stress in her life, so she deserves some kindness back.

Feel free to share this if you want to update any other Vocaloid Communities you may be in on VOCAMERICA!

Thank you for reading!

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Hey guys! Quick poll; which banner do you like better? Feel free to suggest one as well, but remember to source your art!
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Don't like either

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One of the songs that made DEX my favorite male western vocaloid.

(I'm glad that there's a community for all the Vocaloids of the western hemisphere, they deserve a lot of love!)
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