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CrowdFunding is all about your Crowd (friends and family) and Funding.  You need to raise awareness and find your early investors at the same time you are developing your idea and building your prototype. (Marketing and development at the same time). One of the best method is with your own CrowdFunding Project Mobile Website. Most people carry a mobile device (I.e.cell phone) and you can open your elevator message (or pitch deck) by asking them to access their device and your " Call to action" Mobile website. Get your Google Fabric mobile website.
Free Mobile Sites Design
Free Mobile Sites Design

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PDF To Excel Data Conversion Services | BULK
BPO Data Entry Help
BPO Data Entry Help

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Now available on Kickstarter!
STOP the constant shifting and adjusting.

Now you can carry your kids for hours without pain!

Learn more:

#Crowdfunding #Kickstarter #Babies

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I just launched my first enamel pin Kickstarter. Please check it out!

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One quarter of the world's population does not have access to drinking water. Despite this issue each single day millions of people waste several liters of water while they wait for water to get warmed to take a shower.

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There has never been a better way to start communication from Client to Business.

Here is the information about app that will change user experience when reaching to business.

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I have a Harry Potter inspired glow in the dark Patronus Charm enamel pin design that is live on Kickstarter!

There is a total of 16 designs and we're in the process of clearing our 5th pin!

Check out the campaign here:

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Let The Good Your Have Done Come Back To You In Million Times
Hello Friends
I'm reaching out to ask for your support for our “Children Need Peace Campaign Project @
There are two ways to help:
1. Please Contribute - even small contributions from $20 raise my popularity and give me more visibility on the site.
2. Please help us to post the following link:
to the Email of your Family Members, Friends, Online Communities, Followers and Mastermind Associates etc. In the end, the more people hear about our campaign, the more likely we are able to meet our target.
Any amount will raise much needed funds for our campaign @ Thank you
Skype: stephen.ndunaka7
Thanks a million for your consideration and support. Pacifist Stephen Ndunaka

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After the first four days of the campaign, Skull Tales: Full Sail! will include 52 miniatures from the base game, plus another 28 additional figures and lots of cool goodies unlocked as Stretch Goals!
Set sail with us and join us for this amazing journey with SKULL TALES
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