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Well there are some positions open for the real creepypasta. I will list them and their availability:
Jeff the killer-Open
Masky-Closed +Marie Faith 
Lost silver-Closed +Kyla The Animatronic Cat 
Ticki toby-Open 
Hoody- Maybe +Amber Mouth 
Ben drowned-Open
Eyeless Jack((EJ))-Open
Laughing jack((LJ))-Closed +Cake The Cat 
If you are listed in here your not required to make a personal profile, but I would like you to anyways.

+RadioactiveWarrior Feel free to look around and check out how it's set up

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Marie is out and she is carrying her katana, which is soaked in blood, and as I walk back to the mansion you see me, you are alone and you ended up in Slenderman's forest but you don't know how. You decide to follow me when all the sudden i turn and look your way. You...
((Open rp))
((No text talking))

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Since Creepypasta is on my mind, I found this AMAZINGLY drawn Picture!

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This Is My OC For every role-play in this Community. My Partner is a johto Pokemon named Totodile.

Extra: My Best Friends are Faith The murderer and all the Pokemon Creepypastas.

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Name: Faith
Age: 16
Rank: Teacher
Bio: She was alone for a long time. She wandered around bearing the operator's symbol longer than most. She does not remember her parents or anyone else from her past. She just remembers wandering around for a long time not finding anyone at all. She nearly died but Ticci Toby found her unconsious so he brought her to the mansion. She was trained from there to help out with anyone coming to hide from their dark pasts. 
Appearance: Pic below
Signature weapon: Katana blade
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Name: Marie
Age: 16
Species: Shapeshifter((Powers currently inactive))
Rank: Helper of Masky
Powers: None yet
Bio: She loves her katana because it has a special pattern that helps make sure she does nto kill everyone and everything. She really is kind of shy and not many people know too much about her except Lost Silver, Masky, And Hoodie. She only talks to these people and acts like herself then.
Appearance: Long black hair, Boots, Grey hoodie, black jeans. 
Signature weapon: A katana bearing a special enchant 

Faith is laying on her bed in her room alone. She sighs and stares at the ceiling. She does not know what to do so she pulls out her journal and starts to draw while listening to her Ipod. You are walking down the hall and happen to faintly hear music as you pass Faith's room. You decide to knock on the door
((Open rp))

Species: ((Optional))
Rank: ((Always start with newbie as your rank. A teacher will tell you if you raised and to what it is you raised to))
Powers: ((Optional))
Signature weapon: 
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