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House: ((like game of thrones put what kingdom you belong to you also need a banner and shield like a crest for your kingdom))
Looks: ((feel free to use a picture!!))
Weapon: (( again a picture is fine))
Magic: ((optional))
Bio: ((you need one))

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Name:Jaqulline Quill
House: may I create my own?
Looks: ((feel free to use a picture!!))in description
Weapon: (( again a picture is fine))bow ,twin daggers
Magic: Fire and water
Bio: Was an orphan at age five living life on the run. A advanced assassin and is wanted by many. Once you get to know her she has a very serious/mysterious vibe but still has a sense of how humor

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+Corporal Eradan here ya go the first one is the palace the second is the main part of the kingdom and the last is the council house
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+Corporal Eradan
Ideas of kingdom
Name: House Lionstale of Fallen Evergreens (don't critizize my creativity)
What it would look like . It's like a enchanted kindom hidden by trees it's not big it's like a medium size. It's always kind of dark. Maybe some Evergreens in there😀 If I missed something pls tell meh

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kiba's walking around with only one guard +Ash Williams

Anyone wanna rp?

Anyone on? XP

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Cheshire was walking in the shopping district in her child form. She was looking for someone when suddenly armed soldier began chasing her

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+Rasha Loves Murder​ here your castle I promised I'd find one so I did

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Name: Thomas woods
Age: 25
House: ((none but lives in the bloodstone kingdom and is loyal to the queen))
Looks: ((feel free to use a picture!!))
Weapon: (( crossbow))
Magic: ((none))
Bio: kingpin of the bloodstone criminal underground. He has his hands in everything. He took charge when their was a werewolf attack. Leading a suicidal assault that ended the werewolf invasion. He agrees that the old ways are better off dead.  According to some this is one dwarf you do not want to mess with.
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