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Slim7 Stable 2.0 is available for download NOW!

Stable 2.0 brings AOSP upstream, translation updates and some device changes .

As always, downloads and more detailed changelogs can be found at

How to Install:

Got bugs? Leave a bug report at:

Questions? Check the FAQ:

Join the team!

Keep it Slim!

For Galaxy s2, the best configuration for only use with navigator offline ?

Hi SlimTeam, thanks for the awesome work you share! SlimRecents for Oreo works a bit differently than SlimRecents for older platforms. Do you think there is a chance the feature "Only Show Running Apps" might be added back in or will that be a coding PITA? It was my favorite feature of SlimRecents. I hate seeing a mess of apps in the list, though the "squeeze to close all" is very handy. But really really do miss the "only show running apps" option! :)

Can you make port for Sony Xperia Z5 E6653,Sumire? Thx

Olá, existe a Rom para XT-1640 Athene estável ????

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Looking for a Generic Slirom 4.4.4 I have seen older than mine smartphone get flashed and worked fine, <- this is 4.2.2, and my current Android version customized by me Cell Service Provider I'd like a 4.4.4, v5 would be too heavy for the Huawei Y330 and I'd like the fastest Android possible I think SLimROM is it, so I only need a download link or better a FTP server

Recently installed slimrom nougat for my zenfone2 the simplicity and speed.... But the security patches are of august 5 , 2017... And have not received any updates... Have you stopped development? Is Oreo being planned for z00a?

Will Slim8 release?..

Hello,may I ask about slim 6,this rom support doze or not?, because I use greenify to hibernate app such like uc browser and 3rd party app store not working

Hi, I am a big fan for slim rom,it make my tab 2 reborn like better than ever(I almost dump my expensive toaster t211 for this tab ) from slimkat to slim 6,but slim 6 I found some problem like task killer don't work,is it the hardware or software ?
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