Are you guys noticing a lot of wifi inconsistencies in Slim6 Stable 2.0 for mondrianwifi?

Brothers, today I have new construction. Version is 0.13, the lock screen battery icon is not fixed。used phone is zuk z1

have dark themes gone by the wayside?
I didn't see it in slim7

Hi. I would like to know what sort of average battery life people are getting on Slim6 jfltexx (I9505G). I'm facing battery drain issues. Basic stuff like reading a news website (with 50% brightness and everything else turned off except for wi-fi) drains 20% of battery in mere 30min.

Does anybody knows how to remove search bar from the homescreen, I tried a lot but couldnt work out !

Please can somebody give me exact hexcode which will stop that glowing efect on pressing any of navigation bar button. That triggers me 🙂

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What's the star do? Slim5

does slim rom support OTA in xiaomi-gemini ?

Now that substratum can run completely root-less. Do u think u guys might be adding full Substratum support (Masquerade) anytime soon?

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