Olá, existe a Rom para XT-1640 Athene estável ????

I'm using SlimKat on Droid 4 (XT894) and noticed that the overclock kernels for LOS 14.1 on Droid4/Razr (https://forum.xda-developers.com/droid-4/development/kernel-nougat-custom-droid-4-razr-oc-t3499366) have the same kernel version (3.0.8). I tried it, but it didn't work. Would it be possible to adapt these OC kernels to SlimKat for Droid4/Razr?

Is there any active maintainer of Moto G5+(potter)? If not then can i apply for this.

hi i'm new to this rom

hi all, new to this forum? was gonna post on xda forum but took a redirect!
Been running a moto e2 (surnia) for a while now and it started to get a bit buggy, probably cause the memory was full, so I thought I'd try slim 7. so far very good.
One thing that does annoy me, and I know this is mainly down to nougat, the camera won't save to sd card. previously I'd gone adoptive storage but for the sake of flashing new roms I'd rather not.
Is there any way I can get to save photo s to my sd card automatically.
would flashing a new kernel help? any ideas anyone

Hello people!

I'm using the last stable version for Surnia (Slim-surnia-7.1.2.build.1.0-STABLE-20170629-0727) and I wanna know if could I make a dirty flash for the last weekly version (1.10)?

Someone can help me? Is it better wait for the next stable one? 😀

P.S.: I flashed GApps with gapps-config file, so I don't know if it interferes either.

The moto g5 plus has a lot of device tree and kernel updates that haven't gotten merged. Any plans to do that? Seems like the maintiner just fell off and stopped working on the device all together

hay alguna nueva version para moto x 2013 de slim 6.0 disponible si??

Excellent ROM :)

Hi! Exist any version of SlimRom, for the Motorola Xoom 2?
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