I am new here.
Would you like to know if you can install this rom in lg k4-2017 (Lg -X230ds).

Thank you!

Is the d855 supported?

Does anyone knows how to fix G+ crash and locked screen delayed WA issue in slimLP?

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New builds up for v400

Any plans to support the v500?

So slim6 supports the LG-D801 which is the T-Mobile version of the LG-D800. I have an LG-D800, it is sim unlocked and now uses T-Mobile. Will the D801 build work on my device? if not, please explain why.

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New build is up for v400

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New v400 build is up now!

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0.5 is up v400!!

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Slim N 0.4 is out for v400!
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