I am try to install rom on my live demo unit(GT-i9505x ) which do not have modem chip. I have error 7

Any idea how I can install it. Thanks

Hi all slimrom fans! I used slimbean and slimkat on my good old i9000 and later the slimroms on the i9300. Now I see support for 4 Variants of the galaxy S3 but not the international one i9300.
Is there any maintainer out there, or is it possible to flash one of the other 4 versions.
Sorry for asking I'm a bit out of flashing business... 

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OK slimsaber does not play well on Phyllz and I looked up lollipop on team is not found so if anyone can give me a link to a good build for slimlp on us cellular I would appreciate it I like to go to next level thank you 

Where is the CPU controls in the rom

I do not understand the gerrit so how is it coming 

I'm sorry to have to ask this but is the S4 still going to see lollipop rom 

It is hard to wait and be patient but the team and the ROM are worth it 

Hey I would like to build this ROM in version 5.1.1 for my Galaxy S4 Mini. I'm very new to Android ROM development but I have good skills in Java, C and Linux. Can anyone help me please or give me a link to a guide how to compile this ROM for my S4 Mini? I also have the device tree (from CM) and the vendor files (TheMuppets) for my phone. Would be great if you can help me :)

i've had used slim roms in the past (slimkat) and I was wondering where can I download the lollipot ports for my gs4 t-mobile as far I have read here there is  a new site going on for the rom that's why I dindt see any more updates in the other site thanks !
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