saya menggunakan slimlp tp baterai cepat habis ada yang tau kenapa.....?

Can Anyone Help Me Out A Bit I Am Having Difficulty in Creating A Rom I Got Some Help But Im Still Kinda Lost I Want to make a lollipop rom for my device since it has been one of the only gs2 that hasnt recieved LP Problem is i dont have experience in creating roms Please Someone anyone Help Me Out Help Me Make Lollipop Rom For This Device Already Please Thanks 

Sincerely Rafael 

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Big thanks to the Slim team.

Known device issues:
- no call-audio until toggle speakerphone
- front camera recording broken
- inconsistent video playback

Regarding the camera and video-playback issues, we'll likely get help from other i9100 builders/developers.

The call-audio issue is unique to the i777 (audio routing?), and with so few developers working on the i777, the prognosis isn't good.
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I am back on stock ROM until there's an official slim ROM. Just tired of these unofficial ROMs.

Which slimlp is the most stable for my SII? 

How do I change the wallpaper on the other screens apart from the home screen? 

I have just installed slim 5.0.2 alpha.1.0 unofficial-20150304-2206. Messaging is not working, gives me this error; Unfortunately, messaging had stopped. How do I solve this problem?

Hi there, I install SlimLP in My S2, It's all work perfectly except Google playStore , Any News about it !! 

My S2 still waiting for SlimLP anyone know when it will out ?

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working on it... (fingers crossed)
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