Hi all, I posted recently in xda-devs forum with this question but putting it direct in this group too. How come there isn't a SLIMROM for the Z5C yet? The Z3C was popular and got a version but the Z5C doesn't yet. I love SLIMROMs and have had them on every phone till now :(
I thought the Z5c was just as popular and surprised at the lack of custom ROMS for it considering its rootable now and with a DRM fix.


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My device is xperia z running on slimkat 4.4.4 build 9. 1) right from the start i'm experiencing audio playback issues. i hear a distorting sound now and then when music is played through earphones and when the phone rings.please look into the matter and fix the issue in the upcoming build.2) rarely it doesnt reboot and just freezes 

Hi, will SlimRom Marshmallow come out for Sony Xperia X? Is SlimRom actually active still? Cant live without it :-)

Hey you!
So.. First time flashing a phone ever.
I have root on my Xperia z1 with LP 5.0.2.
Can I just flash the slimcat 4.4.4 over that and get it to work anyway?
I'm all giggles right now... Ghaaa what if it won't work? It's my daily driver.... Oh the tension... 

Hi! I want to have kernel with kexec. How to do it with SlimKat 9 in Honami? What kernel can/should I flash? 

I get my new Xperia Z Yuga tomorrow and want to install a custom ROM, preferrly SlimLP.
Are there any major hickups with Camera, Wifi, multiple Bluetooth devices, data connections, battery life and so on I should know of?

+SlimRoms Hi I wonder if there is a stable ROM for Xperia Sola MT27, if so I could send links

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SlimLP on Z2 ;)

Does the Z1 port have working GPS or camera...?

Waiting... Slimroms support for Sony Xperia Z3.
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