has someone a Slim Rom 4.1 for the I9300 avalible? I know a complete curios request, but I need it due to a bluetooth trick, and did not found a valid download link everywere up to now.

I have two models of Samsung phones . I have installed Slim 13.0 on each one. I installed a lock screen wallpaper app on each & the same thing happens . The starting apps screen just continues to load & the phone will not finish booting up. One of the phones I then installed CM 13.0 & all works well. Then I noticed the speed of start up between the two roms . Cm 13.0 there is no apps starting panel on boot up .It just goes from boot animation to home screen . Why?
It's too bad I like the Slim but I have had to format & re-install too many times.

I just loaded the S3 6.0.1 0330 stable & I can not make the google now work with home button . Also found that app drawer has to be dark on the launcher or the status bar icons turn black. Suggestions ?

I want to build slim6/7 for I9300. How does it work. I synced the repro but i can't build it. What do i need to build my rom? 

loving slimkat on my galaxy s3, but i can't get it to make a fast connection (4g or lte) to t-mobile with it. any suggestions?

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No sound when plug headset.

Im using SGH-T999 (d2tmo) with latest baseband is T999UVUEOH1.

Im install Slim-d2tmo-6.0.1.build.1.13-WEEKLY-20161126-0849 with clean wipe via TWRP

All sound will gone when i plug headset, sound will not back until restart device without headset.

I think i got this bug because i using baseband T999UVUEOH1.

Here is logcat via adb: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kYn2DqGYhprucKOoFjSJo23Fx6lqvpp6LEo_GVWKeBE

Thank you so much!

I just installed Slim6 (d2spr) version and it is working great. I have been struggling with CM variants to get Bluetooth working correctly, but the Slim team has clearly fixed that issue.

However, I have another question about the LED. Where are the settings for controlling the LED? I used LightManager to control the LED for when I receive texts, emails, charging, etc. but there seem to be some conflicts with Slim6. In other roms, I have been able to leave the LED on for notifications but off for battery and that seemed to work well with LightManager, but not so here.

Am I just missing where the settings are??



The Slim Launcher on the latest nightly (d2spr) stops and restarts whenever I try to add the Google Maps Traffic Widget to one of the desktops. So far, no other widget has done that...

I just flashed the latest (1104) nightly for my d2spr. I've spent 3 hours trying to get Titanium Backup to recognize all of my existing backups--which it refuses to do. I would have assumed it was a Titanium issue--but it worked fine on the AICP build I've been using for a month. Anyone else having any issues with Titanium Backup with Slim?

hi there, Does annybody know how to seet up the USB to RNDIS + DM + Modem mode in a S3 i747 with Slimkat 4.4.4. Thank you!!
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