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Slim7 beta 0.10 on Bacon : WiFi icon does not show up when WiFi is enabled and disconnected :

Maybe I'm blind, but is there no SMS APP in Slim7?

Would it be possible to include the battery images for the Oneplus 2 in boot.img in the directory ramdisk/res/images/charger/ ?
Otherwise it must be done after every update.

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look at that battery. Damn infinity battery on bacon

Will the theme setting ever be added to the ROM? Settings-dispaly-theme light? Dark?

I need HELP!
My device is OnePlus3, and I flashed those zips as instruction. But the screen of my cellphone turned totally black after reboot, and nothing happened when touching the screen.
Please tell me how to solve this problem, I'll appreciate it if you can help me.

Weekly to Stable Release Update...
Am on the latest weekly Slim6, 13/01/2017 OnePlusOne. So, can I direct dirty flash to update to the new Stable Update 18/01/2017? Or do I need to Clean Flash?

I have a oneplus3t, I flash 0.7alpha the slimrom, someone told me 3 and 3t through brush, but I brush the address book can not import sim card contacts, camera camera will fc

Hi Slim team, on alpha 6, OP2, when you set up double tap on home button to put screen off, looks like reactivity of this home button is slower. I read somewhere this is a known issue ...

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Is there some XML file I can edit to disable the charging notification LED while phone is switched off ? It was already enabled all the time when charging on standby 😁

Bacon, slim7 alpha 0.6, no mods

It seems that Oxygen OS also suffered from this issue at some point :
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