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Slim7 Stable 2.0 is available for download NOW!

Stable 2.0 brings AOSP upstream, translation updates and some device changes .

As always, downloads and more detailed changelogs can be found at

How to Install:

Got bugs? Leave a bug report at:

Questions? Check the FAQ:

Join the team!

Keep it Slim!

Is this rom dead?

Por favor... Desenvolve atualização para o s4 Active Samsung

Hey I've tried what I believe to literally be every single ROM for my Galaxy S5, and SlimRom is BY FAR the best - better than Crdroid, RR, etc.
Only problem is the latest official build for that Galaxy S5 is from years ago and based on Android 5.1.1.
Is there a plan for newer ROMs to be released?


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I have installed 7.1.2 on my old Gnex . I also installed substratum. The Gnex has only soft key nav buttons. So with navgar enabled I thought I could use substratum to change the soft button type . For only God & Developers know ,the Slimrom will not allow me to change them . I have tried with different themes & nothing. If I use lineage rom I can change them . Can this be fixed somehow??

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I am an avid user of SlimRoms: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung S3, Samsung Tab 2 7". I must commend for enabling us to use old devices with latest Android OS, almost.

I have one question regarding Nougat SlimRom for Galaxy Nexus.

[[ROM][7.x][unified] Slim7 | Samsung Galaxy Nexus - XDA Forums: ....See link below]

The default screen color is cream with a white strip at the bottom.

Is there a way to change the default screen color white?

I shall greatly appreciate a response.

I wish to contribute funds to your ongoing efforts.


Prakash Bhirud PhD
[ROM][7.x][unified] Slim7
[ROM][7.x][unified] Slim7

Slim7 2.0 stable version build for Google nexus 9(flounder) is either put in another place or has been badly created, because when you start the rom up it says that the vendor model is not the same as the system's
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