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Center of Gravity – A Memoir by Geva Salerno
The world’s problems require new thinking and new solutions. Wars, famine, unequal distribution of resources, the destruction of the environment… these issues call for cooperation, intuition and networking. Women have unique skills and gifts to apply to solving these problems. However, today’s woman is caught up in yesterday’s mental programming. Despite all the gains of the feminist movement, women still continue to judge success based on values of the fifties: finding a man, marriage and creating a family above all else. However, the single-minded pursuit of these goals can actually get in the way of a truly satisfying life and prevent a woman from making her mark in the world. This book argues that all women should take time out to learn who they really are and what they have to offer the world.

“The Runway” is an excerpt from the memoir Center of Gravity

Geva Salerno is a businesswoman who embarks on a year-long experiment designed to step outside her preconceived ideas about life, in order to reclaim her true self. After finding herself over-worked, divorced and obsessed with achieving society’s vision of the perfect life, Geva gives up dating for a one-year period…no more online dating, no more blind dates and no more thinking about men. Set in southwest Florida in 2011 and 2012, the story is the true account of how a woman re-created her life step by step.

As she begins the process of dismantling her false life and slowly building an authentic, creative and fulfilling one, Geva brings to life long-forgotten dreams and aspirations and begins to take risks. But, as she begins to re-discover her true self, she also discovers her true voice. Her family must learn to adapt to this “new Geva” as she begins to carve out a new place for herself in her family of origin.

She must also find a new, healthier relationship to work, which forces her to examine her real monetary needs and how she spends her time. As her old life unravels, Geva must simultaneously create a new one and be open to what the new life brings. Can she survive in this brand new world unfolding around her?

Over the course of the year, Geva meets new friends who are on similar, but different paths. Strong new women enter her life, while several interesting men tempt her to give up the quest and she is forced to choose between familiar patterns and a new, unknown future. “Will Geva give up the experiment and return to her old life?” “Can Geva create a new life, where she no longer needs men?” “What role will men play in her new life?”  ”Will her new discoveries affect the lives of millions of women around the world?”

“This debut memoir by a talented new writer breaks all the rules and will keep you reading from sunup to sundown. Don’t miss this one.”

Geva Salerno is an author who believes in women liberation, empowerment, creativity, personal growth and spirituality.
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Whatever you are standing and believing for in this hour - KNOW that God IS able!  He is able to save your marriage, He is able to cancel debts, He is able to deliver you from addictions, He is able to heal your body, mind and soul, He is able to save your children, He is able to finish what He started in you!! Don't give up because He has not giving up on you!!  God bless.....
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