Look forward to attending an event. I am a quilt designer but love technology. I would like to integrate electronics into my designs. I have Ardueno controller, but havent gotten past that :) i look forward to coming to a maker event. Cant come this week... hope you will have another one soon.

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River City Labs Evolution CNC Router build update. Check out the full album... https://goo.gl/photos/o1e1vdjfm93q2ZuG9 ...I have the core machine and stand built. Waiting on some backordered M5 x 55mm hardware from Fastenal to mount the motors and ordered some other final equipment. I am starting to run wires this morning and hook up limit switches. Sick me, sick kids and wife that had ACL surgery a week ago have slowed things down but I should be done in a couple weeks. (Fingers Crossed)
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I find myself needing to build a collection of metric hardware.  What is a good inexpensive source for things like M3 nuts & bolts?  
Thanks in advance.

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No Makerspace should be without zip ties!!! When you get a new projector for an augmented reality sandbox and don't have a mount, use zip ties.
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Interested in 3D printing? How about building your own machine? Did you already build one? Whether your completely new or an experienced veteran to 3D printing you'll find something fun and interested at the Second annual RepRapFest Mini! held by RiverCityLabs. Come check out the latest in DIY and desktop 3D printing, both from the commercial world and from benches of Makers from around the area. Also check out RiverCityLabs Full body 3D scanner and get scanned!

Do you have a printer? Show up a little early and bring it to show off! We want to see what your up to and what you have done!

Register your place to show off your printer at https://rivercitylabs.org/event/mini-reprap-3d-printing-festival/

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Hey everyone. Last Thursday we were able to get everything moved into the new place at 1213 SW. Adams St. Thank you to all the members that came out to help move, bring food, and help get everything situated! This Thursday won't be the usual build night either, but we will be spending that time to organize the space and get it ready to be used by our members. If you would like to help organize tomorrow night, feel free to stop by the new space. Once we get things organized, we will be able to get back to building awesome stuff! Thanks!

I will be at the space this week Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm. Feel free to stop by the space and work during this time.
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