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Just started rolling out v3.3.3. If you want to get the update right away, feel free to download it here:

- Mark conversations as read or unread
- View message details
- Support for Android 5.0

- Group chat notifications on Android P will display group name
- Improved TalkBack support
- Updated translations

- Can't send or receive new messages on HTC and Huawei devices
- Navigation bar icons invisible on Android 7.0
- MMS not displayed correctly when message has multiple attachments

Update coming soon?

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The "cancel" and "delete" colors do not change based on theme color and are always green!!

Just wondering if it would be possible to add an auto-download option for mms. I love how fast Qksms is, and auto-download is the only thing it's missing. Thank u for your hard work and making an awesome app. Keep up the good work!

Does this app show weblink previews? I would absolutely love this feature.

Not launch on Android 9. Crash. I use bêta version.

I found a anoying bug:

When I try to answer a message in the QK Reply popup window, I am only able to see the first 3 or so lines of the message. After that the text and the send-button disappear from view.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone with Android 8.0.0, and the keyboard is SwiftKey Beta.

I hope you can fix this fast. 😊

Can someone point me where is startup Background color hidden in apk?
In xml file?
Ilove this app but this dark green-blue color is not my taste :)

Any chance of seeing Google Messenger style colouring in conversations? The tone on tone style of Material 2 is really nice.

On the QKSMS reply dialog popup, is there an option not to dismiss it when a reply has been sent?
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