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Just released version 2.7 to Beta! This update has some pretty awesome new stuff. Definitely let me know if you have any feedback. I'm usually a lot more responsive after a new update, haha

July 10, 2016
- Added support for over 100 million new colors, using an RGB color picker!
- Redesigned app icon
- Added option to automatically delete old messages
- QKSMS will now respect your system setting for 24-hour timestamps
- Fixed issue where rejecting a phone call with SMS does not actually send the message
- Performance improvements
- Fixed rotation support
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The application hasn't been updated for nearly a year so should we consider it to be dead? 

Not sure if this is dead or not.
But would it be possible to make Night mode use the Black theme instead of the dark?
I would try to change the code myself but since the build it's failing on GitHub I'm not sure if I could do it.

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I don't know how a GPL handles this sort of thing but I don't like that there's a dev who has put a version of the app on the Play Store. In itself, that might be potentially okay (I would hope that he messaged before doing so though), however it would appear the dev has added very little to the app--except ads, and completely stripped any mention of qksms (including features like icon colouring that he didn't know how to modify).
So, yeah, kind of gross :S

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I have a bug where QKSMS shows my home screen when going back to the conversation list from a conversion or the settings. (See picture)

This only happens when I launch QKSMS from my default launcher. If I launch from the Play Store, or a launcher that's not set as default it works as expected. I tried several different launchers and no matter which one I used the one set as default has this problem and the ones not set are fine.

Any reason this could be?

Sorry this update took so long! But it's here at last. Lots of fixes and improvements

May 30, 2016
- Fixed issues with font changing
- Fixed message clicking when message has link
- Timestamps for messages are now configurable
- Multiple crash fixes
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed avatar visibility in conversation view after changing setting
- Fixed F-Droid support
- Fixed Android Wear icons

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Had an idea for a new logo at 3 in the morning. Ended up mocking it up. I like it.

It's a Q, and a message bubble. Definitely a lot cleaner than the old one. I'm thinking of having an option for it to be dark grey or white in case you have a light or dark wallpaper.
What do you think?

Old vs. New

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently

I just uploaded a pretty major update to the Beta channel. It's a pretty huge restructure in the way that the app functions behind the scenes, and it should fix a lot of the issues that you've been having with performance and stuttering.

Because it's such a big change, there may be a few bugs! If you find any, please let me know, and I'll be as responsive on here as possible

April 27, 2016
 - Major stability improvements
 - Performance improvements
 - Reduced app size

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Looks like Google added in-notification messaging reply support in Android N -

Do you guys think I should still finish the iOS style QuickReply?

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Quickly sketched an idea for an animation to open conversations

What do you guys think of this?

The avatar will move and morph into the toolbar, while the messages and compose bar slide in from the top of the screen. Then you can swipe it up to reverse it / dismiss the conversation

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