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Somehow I have this horrible cold,and soar throat, and I am just . . . GRRRR about the entire thing . . . I would have loved to Vlog all this info for you, but the husky voice I am sporting may be too much for the general public to handle  . . . so instead, you get a classic #k10 manuscript of randomness . . . 

1 - My BIRTHDAY!!!! YOUR messages and well wishes made it awesome beyond compare! It was exciting to have the chance to connect with so many of you, and I loved the international "happy birthdays" too. I couldn't pronounce most of them! The gifs, cards, and pictures, and personal notes really . . . made me overflow with emotions all day. I even received a few vlogs and private video cards. All classy! I definitely decided, that people see me and they think "awe" . . . but when they see me, and YOU, they add the "some" . . . you make me "awesome" . . . because without you I am just awe. (PS can't believe the big name Bdays yesterday. There should have been a huge Tech Bday Party fest in NY!)

2 - Brand
The #k10  brand has been getting polished this entire year. We hit some bumps along the way, but it is all helping smooth out those rough spots so we can really shine. You make that happen. You are the ingredient that other people are missing. This is why I am such a community pusher. The first 100 people I met and became friends with are my foundation. Those personal connections, and the ability to reveal your true self online is a huge piece of my success. It takes time to develop and you must be patient. On any  K10 project you will see me as the face,  the K, but usually 10 people right with me pushing a project to success. The K10 brand is a philosophy or attitude, about being a responsible and respectful earthling. We may not agree on everything, but we agree on the rules of engagement. We also look out for each other and promote those social norms. (Yes I said it, we are lobbying for our social norms)

2 - Structure
The G+ Network is still doing awesome. It is growing and the individual communities are growing in unique and exciting ways. I own over 70 communities on G+. Only a few have fallen flat. I am offering a great opportunity to intern with me to learn about the "secrets" of running a great community. It will be a little demanding, and you must be able to commit to 2 hours of your time each week to intern, plus a 1 hour monthly private hangout. I am only going to take on 10 community interns and it is a 5 month commitment. Upon successful completion of the program, I  may even provide you with a personal letter of recommendation.  Many companies are looking for community moderators. However, few are experienced, and few have success at it. This  is your training. 

3 - Business
In addition to forward facing positions in the #k10  world. I also need people who want to learn about different functions of running a business start up. These are management type positions. If you have ever dreamed of crossing that road over to management, and just don't know where to start, or have never had that break, THIS IS FOR YOU. Send your resumes to slevco@gmail and put "K10Manager" in the subject. Don't worry about a cover letter . . . If interested I am going to stalk you for a little before you even know you are being considered. Many of my advanced management skills were learned in the non-profit sector, so I believe very strongly about resume and skill building this way. As a former executive board member for two 501c3's, I have a lot of info to share.

The manager positions require a 5 hour a week commitment, and are unpaid. In the future they may be paid positions. These are a 1 year commitment, and you would have to reapply the following year. 

They will cover all areas of business operations. They are all done remotely, and are great resume builders. 

Do you have a business you would like to promote? The G+ Network is a free place to do this. We are a town square, the ultimate meet and greet. Think of it like Cheers. You make connections, there. You brain storm with your friends. You make a virtual home. We like to see what you do, and what  you are proud of. You can post as often as you like, as long as you are also an active community member. Post and go is a NO NO and will get you booted. 

The G+ Network is more of the consumer and civic side, but we endorse other trade communities that meet our standards. Currently we are cousins with the following global trades communities:
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Water Damage Repair
Emergency Response

As you see, those communities gather people by subject, where we gather people by location. Having the two side by side makes perfect sense. Post your community below if you would like to be considered for affiliation.

5 - Your Business Referrals
Good old fashioned referrals. Yes I refer people all the time, and with a lot of success. Please post your link to your business or about page if you would like to be considered for the G+ Network Referrals list. 

6 - Your Resume 
I have no idea what is happening on linked in, but I do know that people ask me if I know someone who . . . all the time. I will be keeping a personal collection of resumes. You can send it to me without any of your contact info, just your G+ link. When I hear of opportunities I will look through my list and reach out to you. This is something reserved just for my followers. So if I check out your resume, and you arent following me, I am going to move on to someone who is. 

7 - Your Brand / Followers /  Growth
I have been saying from my first 100 followers, that it isn't about quantity, but quality of the follower. However, I think it is perfectly fine to actively want more quality followers! I love helping people get discovered and noticed. Many of those closest to me, report follower bumps, and increased traffic to their websites and pages. It is a very organic growth. . . which is awesome because people are growing deep roots. Those roots hold us when people try to knock us down. As you gather more followers, people will try to cut you down. The quality people will help guard, protect and defend you. The quantity ones, won't even care and may never even notice, while your name has just been dragged through the mud, by a bully who wanted their 2 minutes of fame on your profile. I will be taking on a maximum of 10 people to coach their brand through 2014. This is a more personal connection. Each person will develop a close relationship with me, through a big / little / approach to coaching. They will also be my eyes and ears in many areas of the #k10  world. At the end, they will have all access to my entire bag of tricks. I am just one person, and I can only grow as big as my foundation. These people will be developing brands similar in nature to mine.

8 - Restaurant and Product Reviewers
This program will show you how to leverage your G+ Following to launch a new career doing professional reviews. 

9 - I am so sorry this list is so long . . . but I figured I would do it all at once.

10 - My birthday again . . . yesterday I deleted my facebook account. My friends and peers who I have known in person for many years, maybe even a life time . . . well . . . a few contacted me via the telephone to say hello, but the vast majority nothing. Meantime here, where none of us have met in person (YET), I received so much love. I couldn't see spending another minute away from you on that other network on my free time. So the personal profile is down!

All these things above make up the game plan for this year. It is a year for strength and smart growth. I need the best of the best to join me. You know who you are. You don't need any college or prior training. You only need a desire to  evolve yourself this year, the commitment to make it happen, and survive the interview screening process with me, and some of my G+ friends! 

Think of this like the Jedi Academy is open!


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