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its been 4 years since the last update to IFG.(website) A Lot has changed for ingress and I was wondering if at some point there will be updates ? If you need some help I have the time to help.

So I've heard differing reports on whether it's better to long-press recharge or not when remote recharging for an anomaly. Is there a definitive answer on this?

There haven't been any new posts for 7 weeks (not including my previous post). There haven't been any new posts to the tips and advice since 2015 (Excluding the 1 post made a few months ago). I joined the community to discuss ingress, learn other people's tricks, find out new things. A lot has been added to the game that can be discussed and shared. I am hoping for people in this G+ community to start giving tips again. Here are a few topics:

-glyph hacking
-best portal mod combinations
-how to make a difference in your area if your are the on the minority's team
-getting together with lower level players to help them out
-forming groups in your local ingress community to further advance in the game
-a step by step guid with tips to complete medal requirements

I am one of very few resistance players in Reedley California, and the only current player with students gone on summer vacation. A lot of portals went neutral recently so I put a resonator or two to make them blue. But just yesterday a wave of enlightened gamers took important anchors and farms. They are lvl 8, I'm just about lvl 4. How to I take them back? I've tried and it's difficult when the portals are grouped up, you lose a lot of xm fast. And when I do take them the enlightened flip it the next day. I appreciate any help and say thank you in advance. -ArmoredAlliance

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What is it Flipper? The Resistance Daily Blues is currently seeking Correspondents to report events, victories, and, information from their own Ingress cell? Well Flipper, you already know I'm in.
Oh. OK Flipper, I'll tell em'.
Flipper says: "Follow this link to the Resistance Daily Blues. "

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The People who are The Resistance in GOLF 07, and, the good people in your local cell too.
We have Enlightened, and, Resistance front line correspondents that regularly update our viewers.
The Enlightened updates are as informative ,and, entertaining as the Resistance ones. Every one is welcome to promote their cells victories. With no discrimination against faction.
There is a free exchange of ideas, and philosophies, that benefit every one in our humble community.
Resistance Daily Blues takes a Nationwide look at at all of the Individual Cell's of Ingress.
Updates regularly come in. The Correspondents report in from all over with an Edward Murrow style of "See it Now" journalistic writing.
The Resistance Daily Blues prides itself for credibility, and, respect for all factions, people, and, situations.
Everyone is welcome. This is 1MOOSE, and, that is up to the minute.
The Resistance Daily Blues is currently seeking Correspondents from The West Coast, to, the East Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, and, even over seas.
If you are loyal to your faction, would like to promote your cell, and, think that this would be an excellent way for you to give back to the endeavor we all love, Ingress. Send us a post featuring a victory from your cell. The Blues Continues.
Follow this Link:
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