óÓÒò let's see if u can make it?

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So I thought I can tell u something but I'll just do it with English and French cus I'm French
Donc je pensais je peux vous dire quelque chose mais je vais just leave faire avec l'anglais et le français
Sorry I gtg now TTYL
Bye ^^

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Markiplier and Jacksepticeye 😄
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Thx for invite

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Thanks for the invite +Mangle 59​ :)

Listen up
+Shane The Cat
+Blade Games 0980
+Queen jessica
+Liam The Cheetah
Are all now modirators so plz no fighting and hating me or them
And BTW I Mangle 59 am a owner plz I have some time now so u can ask someone somethings be free to do what u want wispers if u all do something wrong in heaven then your ded so bye

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Thx for the invite +Blade Games 0980
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