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Name: Kenny Mint
Nickname: Ken 
Age: 16
Rank:  Scammer/Undercover Jammer 
Likes: Manipulation, Taking rare items, and other
Dislikes: Good Jammers, Necklaces, Cheap Store-Bought items, etc.
Friends: Kitty 
Personality: Sneaky, Manipulative, Nice (only when undercover)
Secret: He's a scammer
Relationship: Single
Picture: (Not my art at all)

Quote: "Watch your back, I'm coming to attack!" 
Fun Quote: "Hey Gang, let's have FUN!" 
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1rst- You may use other people's art, as long as you credit them, and if you don't know WHO made them, please clarify it's not your art!

2nd- Do not swear. I don't care if you substitute the word like, Frick, Freak, Crap, stuff like that, but don't swear and don't say *** because it still means swearing. I just don't like it. 

3rd- Don't make overpowered characters. As in, don't say they're immortal and evil and that they have the power to blow up things and heal and- you get my point.

4th and final rule- Don't lie to other people about getting hacked/scammed & about requests and what your paying. Please be honest, I don't want to ban anyone, but I will if I have to.

Character design:

Grade: (Optional for The Highschool of Zios)

Rank= Scammer, Hacker, Teacher, Student, Jammer, or Member of AJHQ
Friends= You can update the profile every time you gain a friend

*Quick announcement:*  _Should we have special events on birthdays/holidays?_ 

+1 this post if you read it please! Just so I know for sure! ♡

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This is my first character, so it's kind of like an example.

Name: Kitty Morinawa
Nickname: Pixel
Age: 18
Grade: 12th 
Rank: Jammer
Likes: Trading, Playing, Watching tutorials/movies, and going to Sarepia Forest.
Dislikes: Mt. Shiveer & Appondale, Hackers, Scammers, Bullies, and mean Jammers in general. 
Friends: Pearl
Personality: Fun, Sweet, Caring, Loves going to the Pillow Room and adopting cats o_o 
Secret: She's open, so she doesn't have one.
Relationship: Single♡
Picture: ((By feiinae))

*Open RP* 

*Pixel was feeling edgy and she decided to investigate the Scammers' Lookout.*
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