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+Lady Carnival

I was walking around the town looking for supplies and some medicine. I walked around the corner when I spotted in touched grocery store so I busted the window and started raiding it. You heard the noise and...


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Profile template


| Name Hunter |
| Alias None |
| Gender Male |
|Sexuality straight |
| Age 34 |
| Former Occupation Hunter,Lone wander |
| Height and Weight 5"11inch 134pouds |
| Appearence | (Brown skins brown hair brown eyes. )
| Distinguishing Features None? |
| Personality | (Kind,Caring,lustfull,Care free at times .)
| Outfit Pic? |
| Weapons | (49 Colt,Bowie Knife,Bow)
| Extra Items | (Dog tag.))
| Vehicle none yet! |
| Strength | Explosions,Arrows,Sharp shooter
| Weaknesses | (Jumping into fast speed river,Martial arts,Fire)
| Relationships | None
| Hino: Alive.He had lost everyone
| Hobbies/ Interest | (Making explosives,Arrow crafting,Fire starter,Fist fight)
| Backstory | (Hunter used to be a hunter before the outbreak he loved hunting things that will fight back bears was his favorites and also when the first zombie spotted  he shot it immediately because he thought it was a kangaroo coming towards him after realize it was more of a zombie heading towards him he ran to his car but he notice that it already broken into and drove away ever since he hunted zombies but plans to head to canada)

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| Name |
"John Peterson"
| Alias |
| Gender |
|Sexuality |
| Age |
| Birthdate |
| Former Occupation |
| Height and Weight |
"6'0" and 170 Lb"
| Appearence |
"slender but built figure"
"Red hair"
"Blue Eyes"
| Distinguishing Features |
"Disturbingly thin and long fingers"
| Personality |
"Melodramatic at times, but can be a real sweetheart"
| Outfit |
"Old Business Suit (No effect)"
| Weapons |
".40 Revolver"
"Unknown piece of metal"
{The piece of metal looks rusted and barely much, almost looking like a thick and dull sword. He seems to name it "Inheritance"}
| Extra Items |
"A photo album full of printed memes"
| Vehicle |
| Strength |
"Well-aimed shot"
"Excellent haggler"
| Weaknesses |
"Easily Sick"
"Easy to anger"
"Scared of bees"
| Relationships |
| Hobbies/ Interest |
| Backstory |
"Before the whole incident, my family was in full support of Donald Trump's presidency, mainly because it threatened foreign drug-lords while were ignored a bit. Soon, we were hitting the jackpot... Then the infection came, and all of that money was used to make sure we were safe. Now I'm alone with no living family since my home was destroyed in a meth-lab malfunction. Now I just walk my way."

"Before it came, it was a small rumor that I was a direct descendent of Saint Peter, you can check my inheritance to see if I am or not."

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| Name | Mizore Shiryki
| Alias | Snow bunny
| Gender | female
|Sexuality | Bisexual
| Age | 18
| Birth day | January 8
| Former Occupation | Collage Student
| Height and Weight | 5'9
| Appearence | Average body type Thin pale skin purple short hair with blue eyes and E size bust
| Distinguishing Features | Tattoos of flower of all kinds on her back.
| Personality | She is shy and quiet but is nice when you get to know her.
| Outfit | Like the picture basically
| Weapons | She is a martial artist so her fist and kicks as one a couple of Kunie as second and small ice pick
| Extra Items | Some "not safe for work" type maga/books normal books and a bunch of lilipops
| Vehicle | A Cop car
| Strength | She is a martial artist, great with bladed weapons, and great at hiding or snecking
| Weaknesses | Cant shoot a gun really easy to pissy off and a bit bad at driving
| Relationships | Mom: Unknown Father: Unknown
| Hobbies/ Interest | Reading and eating Candy.
| Bio | She was born and raised in Japan but moved to the states for collage in Texas. When the outbreak happened she tried to get to home but couldn't and decided to try and make it to Canada.
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| Name |: Alexa Wolf
| Alias |: Wolf
| Gender |: Female
|Sexuality |: Bi
| Age |: 26
| Birthdate |: July 21st
| Former Occupation |: Convict/Mafia thug
| Height and Weight |: 5' 11", 159 lbs
| Appearence | Alexa has an athletic figure with pale skin, light blonde hair in a ponytail and icy blue eyes
| Distinguishing Features |: Alexa has tribal tattoos that cover the entirety of her arms
| Personality |: Alexa is what can be described as a sadist, gaining great enjoyment from inflicting pain on others.
| Outfit |: Alexa wears a tank top, cargo pants and combat boots (possible armor addition later?)
| Weapons | Alexa has a hatchet, M1911 and Mossberg 590A1 Tactical.
| Extra Items | Alexa carries with her spare ammo for her guns, cigarettes and a metal flip open lighter embossed with the same type of tribal designs in her tattoos
| Vehicle |: N/A
| Strength |: Alexa is good with a gun, quick on her feet and well adjusted to violence
| Weaknesses |: Alexa can easily get sidetracked in a fight, is hard to get along with and very loud
| Relationships |: Alexa doesnt have that many stable relationships. She has a strained relationship with her parents due to her criminal background and repeated arrests.
| Hobbies/ Interest |: Alexa is a fan of playing Texas Hold 'Em and watching football. She also has a great interest in firearms of all sorts.
| Backstory |: Alexa was born and raised in Chicago to a middle class family. As she grew up, Alexa was a trouble maker, her antics with the law catching the attention of a Mafia underboss. Once in the Mafia, Alexa worked as an enforcer, making sure that the people paying the Mafia kept doing so, getting arrested a few times in the process. After her latest prison sentence, Alexa was at her home when the apocalypse went into full swing."

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| Name | Steve
| Alias | Stanford
| Gender | Male
|Sexuality | Straight
| Age | 20
| Birthdate | April 27
| Former Occupation | A gun shop owner and part time job at the local bank as a night guard
| Height and Weight | 182 cm and 84 kg
| Appearence | Caucasian, blue eyes and blue hair. Muscular build with few scars here are there.
| Distinguishing Features | I always wear a black bieene and white headphones
| Personality | I'm a great partner and fighter but I am a bit short tempered and lasy
| Outfit | I wear a white shirt and black jacket
| Weapons | Baseball bat, handgun, machete
| Extra Items | Lockpicker and sports bags
| Vehicle | Dirt bike
| Strength | Sharp shooter, great leader and always keeps going
| Weaknesses | Short tempered, a bit lazy and weak stamina
| Relationships | none since I'm single and my parents are dead
| Hobbies/ Interest | I like to shoot, eat and have a good time
| Backstory | I was a student in the local university when I the virus broke out. Quickly realising that I need to act fast I got supplies and weapons and start my way to...well wherever we're going

Alexa was walking down the road when she spots a seemingly abandoned school, the school buses circled around the busted down front entrance, blood caked on the pavement outside and on the buses "Hmm...they probably got some good food in there." Alexa drew her hatchet and started walking towards the front doors. You spotted her and... (+Lady Carnival here you go)
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