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These videos are great!
New to a #Chromebook at work?

Google have created a quick series of videos to help you get started and answer the most common how to questions they receive.

It was nice to meet those of you whom I got to. If there was anyone else I didn't meet who is also from Brisbane please let me know as I'd like to also stay in contact on a local basis.

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Great meetup and great to meet those of you that I was lucky enough to connect with. For a bit of context (and a shameless plug) we (DAT Media) are a Google Cloud digital signage partner. Our content management software Laqorr is Chrome verified and helps businesses increase operational efficiency and productivity + streamlines marketing communications using Chromeboxes and Chomebases. It would be great to work with you to support your clients plans if we can help at all.

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It was nice to attend the event and understand the opportunities being offered by Google. I would like to continue the networking on LinkedIn and request everyone to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Hi guys,

We are excited to see you at the Partner MeetUp event on December 8th at the Google offices!

We have worked hard to put together an action packed agenda. What should interest you most will be the keynote sessions that will give you a glimpse into the Online & Mid-Market Google Cloud strategies for 2017. All sessions and speakers are listed on our agenda which will be made available on the Google Cloud Connect Very Soon.

The event itself will take place from 9AM - 5 PM
And the social will take place from 5PM - 8 PM

If you have any questions in the meantime please email:

Welcome | Google Cloud Connect
Welcome | Google Cloud Connect
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