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[I need to do some Code Geass: Akito the Exiled rp. Can someone rp as Julius Kingsley AND Suzaku please? Please have replies at least a paragraph or more with good grammar and spelling. Here is the starter. Please be able to rp as a male. Please know Code Geass. The video shows an example of Julius's behavior.]

Akito the Exiled: The Siren's Song
{St.Petersburg, Euro Britannia}

Sirens in folklore would use their voices of song to attract men and cause them to wreck their ships to drown in the sea. Inspired by the songstress' power to control those who hear them, a new Geass was formed: The Siren's Song. The Siren Geass is a special power not everyone can control. It can only be given to a female with a strong heart. A mysterious woman saved a young girl's life by giving her the special power to kill the man who murdered her parents.

Meanwhile, Lelouch's memories were wiped, and he became a different man who would serve the empire. Suzaku was told to protect the new tactician of Britannia: Julius Kingsley. Suzaku thought that this was going to be agony to watch his brainwashed once-called friend live, but Emperor's orders are orders and he must follow them.

A few weeks later, one hundred nobles had received invitations from a performance group known all over the world. In the invitations, there are details about a certain contest and a reward. Whoever gives their female leader enough trust will gain support from the group. The reward is very usefully if one is wanting to gain power.

Julius Kingsley received one of the invitations and decided to go. If he were to give the female enough trust in him, she would support him during the war. As he arrived at the location of the performance, a noble told him a rumor about the leader of the performance group. He claimed that the girl was given a special power from a siren at a young age. The man also explained that the nobles who were killed by her could be because of that power she has. Could it be true? Is the girl performing witchcraft or even darker magic?

The concert began and the group performed for the nobles. They were welcoming the men with their voices and dances. The leader of the group was the main attraction. Her voice had the nobles sway, mesmerized by her words. She glanced over to the VIP section and noticed a young male whom she had never met before. Since she is still performing and cannot stop yet, she winked at him and smiled. To an ordinary man, he would think she is trying to attract someone, but she was mainly greeting someone.
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Name: Voredex
Gender: Male
Prey or Pred: 10% of prey and 200% of pred so clearly both
Species: Flygon and shapeshift into a Latios
Likes: Digestion, eating friends if they want to get eaten, eating food
Dislikes: Raiders and trolls

Art made by: +Voredex Flygon
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who wants to do a rp with me

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Sorry for that people plz keep on rping if this happens again im putting on ask to jion mode ok and Thx

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Name: Derqy
Age: 19
Species: Lycanroc Dusk Form
Type: Rock/Dark
Gender: Male
Size: 10 feet
Personality: descriptive , Gamer ,
Love's: Pokemon,game's, and lot's more :3
Dislikes: Jerk's !
Bio: Just a offsrping of a day and midnight lycanroc's but even knowing being different i'm ok with it <3
Battle theme: Theme of Infinite
Move Set: Rock wrecker, Howl, Agility, Crunch, Brick Break
Z-Move: Continental Crush

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Hello everyone

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Name: Lumi
Age: 15
Gender: male
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